Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Louboutin Love...

Now there comes a time when you always regret letting go of something. I had this absolutely gut-wrenching feeling just a couple of days ago...

Just casually strolling on to my floor of a Monday morning, quite refreshed from what was actually rather a hectic weekend. Then low and behold, right there before me 'Christian Louboutin book signing. 1st floor' Well, i could have cried and run screaming into the streets right there and then. Only a few small months ago did i bid farewell to a whole lotta Louboutin loving. My one true love thigh-highs riding off to some new home, some new carer (sob!) Utter devestation spread across my cheery face, turning my mood somewhat sombre. However, like any true professional, i didn't let this deter me from my busy day at work...!

When the pain subsided we couldn't speak of anything else. (I was reminded of the purchases i made through selling said boot and the mood was instantly brightened!! So superficial i know!) The arrival of the Louboutin book was enough to put a smile on anyones face. Added to the prospect of having the very man himself in store...well, let's just say the day passed with much excitement! Most definitely the day i will take a brief stroll around 1st floor...just to see my old managers of course. Purely business.

(Time and date TBC. Amidst all the hype of the day this was the only (and the most important) fact i didn't note down, hence why it completely escapes me now!)

Note to self: autographs are NEVER acceptable! But maybe if i buy a book, hmmmmm...!!!Xxx


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