Friday, 18 November 2011

The One Before The 200th...('What I Wore Today...')

Apologies for the blog overload. But after a week in the sun i was having major withdrawal symptoms, clammy hands, the shakes...oh allsorts! So i thought the only way to rid myself of these side effects is to post more and more and more! Anyone would think i was just doing it to get to the 200th post...haha as if i would do that...but just so you know this is now post 199...!

Moving swiftly on!Days off, as always, prove difficult in terms of attire. I live in all black five days a week so of course one would think that ones day off should bring colour and florals...oh but not for me! If something ain't broke why fix it right??! So black is the colour i donned today, with a hint of pink and a small amount of white! Well a leopard will never change it's spots! Black will always be the coolest most chic colour in fashion.

Colours come and go but black always remains...

My number one Acne skirt. Bit like a half-blood (Harry Potter geek!), half maxi, half mini! Love to get a bit of leg out! Word to the wise though, if you do go purchase this amazing piece of material then go at least two sizes down. You have been warned.
The boots are pretty much adorning every other persons feet in London at the moment. Topshop beauties, slightly like the Acne Pistols but at least a third of the price. Perfect accompaniment to any outfit. My poor Opening Ceremonys are starting to feel like the gooseberry in our relationship. Cruelly stuck in my locker for well over a month...i'm a bad mother!
My fave leather, you've heard the story before but incase you haven't...bought for a mere £10 back in good old Leeds nearly two years ago (ahhhhh Ryan Vintage, i miss that place!) and never worn. Pulled out one day and it has graced my body ever since. Well now that is what we call true love! A lucky item if ever i met one!
My beloved Sonic Youth t-shirt, a gift from old friend Gareth during our Tiger years. Sentimental value to the core (and i totally wore it to go Parascending last week!!!)
Alice Temperley scarf tied limply around the neck! (I will change that to a Louis Vuitton scarf one day!)
Can't beat a bit of layering during the start of this true wintery weather. Oversized leather with dropped shoulders (all in the style of Acne) fringing, maxi's, no make-up (probably not such a good look) gotta love these lazy winter Fridays around town!

And how i forgot i don't know, but i recently changed my hair colour, again!! Yes, yes i know it will fall out one day but while i still have some i am all for changing it! I am sure you will have all seen the advert on tv for 'Colour B4' (i think??!) its £12.25 from Boots or Superdrug and it strips your hair of colour without using bleach or ammonia...apparently! Well, i am living proof that it works. From dark browny/reddy/purpley to this...

Who knows how long this will last but i like it at the mo, plus it's still dip-dyed with the ends pushing a blondey colour!

Add red lips and eye flicks and i feel like a poor man's pin-up girl!!!Xxx

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