Thursday, 17 November 2011

'What I Wore Today...'

Yes, yes another one of those posts all about outfits and places etc etc...well, you know the drill by now! I feel i have to get these out of the way before my holiday seems that long ago that i can't remember what outfit was worn for what occasion! Being back at work has been great (i can't believe i just admitted that, but those who know me know that i am a work geek!) and having had a recent training on DVF i am dying to do a post on this. However, this calls for concentration. So my day off will produce this much needed post, whilst i do my holiday washing...finally!!!

So this outfit had to be worn nearing the end of the holiday! It called for a tan, and a serious one at that!! This top is from Topshop and was actually bought about two years ago but i do believe they still have an identical one in stores now! It is pretty revealing and daring as a result. Only the bravest of the brave will wear this out to watch the local band in the American diner (something must have come over me that night to even dare step out in it!!) The skirt is my new favourite item. this is also from Topshop (yes, i'm also a Topshop freak!) the colour is everywhere this season and perfect for brightening up those Winter blues. (Willow SS12 collection has a bright green skirt in and is totally effin hot!!!) Perfect with legs out and flats or heels and equally as stunning with a pair of opaques. I could tell you where the belt is from but i think you can guess...! Topshop have the skirts on offer in pink and turquoise and a gorgeous little black one with a leather trim! Perfect for the AW season!
Grab it whilst you can...


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