Saturday, 31 December 2011

Que Sera Sera...

And so here goes another year, all over and done with and ready to be packed away with the rest. Only a few small months and i will be celebrating one whole year of my delightful blog and i will have a new niece to add to the brood (beat that 2011!!) How time flies when you're having fun!

I have decided that for this coming year i am setting no goal posts or boundaries for anything, no resolutions, no nothing. I feel that when most do this they're just setting themselves up for a fall...

...So, whatever will be...will be!

May you all have joyous celebrations on the eve of 2012 and may your year be filled with all your wildest dreams and wishes coming true! One day you have to learn to let go, you have to move on and start building the life you want to live, not for anyone else...but for yourself!

Happy New Year people...

...I wish you all the success you deserve xxx

Friday, 30 December 2011

And Again...

Vogue, Paris. December/January.

I did have to do a double take at this cover, purely to prove to myself that yes, it was Kate Moss and not David Bowie!!!

And so the changing faces of Miss. Moss continues...Xxx

Thursday, 29 December 2011

It's A Wonderful Life...

Home from the Motherland after catch ups with the family and fleeting visits to the nearest and dearest in my old Leeds haunt (no, no not Normans. Neither one of my feet will pass over that threshold for quite sometime!) I never felt like i belonged in Leeds but after visiting this time i felt...well, different! I suppose it takes going away to appreciate some things in life! Time with the nephews was just what i needed and the excitement of Baby Girl Hillyard soon arriving in this world was just the icing on top of the cake! Buying fleecy pink dresses and woollen tights is by far the best purchase of 2011. Poppy (M.C.'s name for the bump) is going to be one spoilt little Princess.

Ahhh, the perfect Christmas visit home...just the way it should be...

Perfect, beautiful boys and of course, the bump xxx

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

I'm Driving Home For Christmas...

Ok, so i have given myself a few days off blogging and have missed it massively! But what with Christmas Eve adventures, tied in with the festive day itself and then the first day of sale...well, it has only given me time for eat and sleep!

Tonight i shall finally be driving home for Christmas! Round two of drinking, cracker pulling and Christmas dinner, mmmmm! Watch out family, Hey Mona is on her way (a family joke deriving from the Craig MacLachlan song way back when!!!)

Too excited to sleep, too teary to think about it actually happening!

See you in a few days with news of sales, bargains and fashion galore!!!Xxx

P.S. Please click on the title of this post for a bit of music magic...!!!Xxx

Saturday, 24 December 2011

We Wish You A Merry Christmas...

So, seeing as i get one day off work tomorrow, i feel that i should remain true to all things and have a day off blogging also! A day consisting of bad films, champagne and the prospect of 2012 just hanging in the air...

From one to another, i wish you a very Merry Christmas...

May everyone everwhere have a day filled with family and merriment...

Now bring on the festive drinks with the bezzie on this eve of Christmas...champers and wine at the ready!!!Xxx

Friday, 23 December 2011

The Ragged Priest...

So, i have many loves in my life at the moment. And apart from the glaringly obvious ones my other major crush is my new jacket!! How can one be so in love with an inanimate object i hear you mumble??!!! Well, it's perfectly easy (in many ways!) it's look, its' feel, the uniqueness in it's entirety, oh just bloody everything. If something makes me feel good then i can totally fall in love, this is the only rule i keep to!

Now, Topshop (Oxford Street) isn't the most people friendly store i have ever visisted. If i am perfectly honest the majority of the time i can't stand the place. But if you choose to visit at the most inopportune times then all you are going to do is bring on early signs of heart failure, so you actually only have yourself to blame! Saturday evening at around 8 o clock is the ideal time, still giving you an hour to panic buy or just drool over the things you will buy when pay day arrives! This was when i fell in love with this little brand...

It's a small concession on the lower ground. Just spanning enough space to make you look and not too much that you just get bored!!! The designers have nicely re-worked vintage garments (my idea of heaven!!!) and added detail in the form of studs, feathers, various trimmings on to boots, trainers, jumpers, shorts, dresses, pretty much everything. Cardigans have studded elbow patches, leathers feature said trim on the shoulder, dresses held together by safety pins (very Liz Hurley-esque!)

If you haven't seen it already you seriously need to check it out! That floor has to be my favourite in Topshop, i walk in the door and head straight for it!! What's the point in dressing for an evening and seeing clones of your good self walking down the street wearing the same 'off-the-rack number'??! No, no, no, fashion is all about individuality, expressing who you are through how you choose to look! First impressions and judgements are made on the way we look, choose to be different, cause a stir and make people think twice about you! It's all in the mystery, make them want to get to know you!

The Ragged Priest not just available at Topshop but stores across Scotland, Germany, right the way to America!!!

Check It Out!!!Xxx

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

We Are Family...

It's funny how we all seem to take things for granted when it's there everyday, or just around that corner! Then one day life changes (admittedly, because it had to) and you all of a sudden realise what you had more than ever! The one good thing about family is it's stability, it's constant...never changes and never leaves (at least not the important members!) The bond is unbreakable and the ties are that strong that no matter how far you travel you are always pulled back by them...

...Maybe it's the festive period that's turning me slightly misty-eyed or the fact it's been nearly a month since i laid eyes on a member of the clan. But one thing i do know is that 2012 will be...a good year! (I do hate the word 'good' or 'nice' but too much pressure is always put on the New Year and undoubtedly sets you up for a fall!)

2012 not only brings the arrival of my first beautiful niece but a time for me and Leeds to be reunited! All things happen for a reason and those reasons will never amazing family...


Monday, 19 December 2011

Boy, She's Got It...

My love for this girl is no secret. From an earlier post it is clear to see that i have a massive crush on her and it doesn't take a genius to work out why! Therefore it comes as no surprise that one of the bigggest names in fashion history has fallen for this girl hook, line and sinker. Lagerfeld has only gone bagged himself one of theee hottest girls to be the face of his latest line! Lucky guy!!

The daughter of a Brazilian model, the sister of a shoe champion...this Dellal has truly got it all! And i mean ALL...

...The style, the cheekbones, the wardrobe and now the face of 'Boy' handbag collection for Chanel!!!

It seems your Christmas wish may have just come true young Alice, and my love has grown even deeper. I think we can say it is slightly more than a crush right now...!!!Xxx

Sunday, 18 December 2011



Merry Christmas To Me...From Me...

And as the yuletide period beckons i can't seem to stop buying Christmas presents. A good thing you may say, however, they have all been for me!!! No, i'm not selfish, i am actually far from selfish! They are all in attempt to put a smile on ones face at not venturing back to the Shire for the festive day! And as i write this i am simultaneously applying make up and clothes to head out and purchase more. Although, i have decided that big sis' 30th birthday present shall also be bought today along with Mummy Carole's christmas present (see, the truth in the 'i'm not selfish' comment...!!!)

So, to date i have purchased the long awaited blazer with leather sleeve! I actually can't take it off my back! And even though the A/W leather loving season is nearly over i feel that this is going to be worn well into the new year! My beloved Hermes cuff is at the top of the list today (hence being up so early on the Sabbath!) Rather an impulsive buy earlier in the week came after a visit to Topshop on Oxford Street! Yes i can hear you all saying 'Oooooossshhh, brave girl', but it had to be done! Our eyes met across a crowded floor and i knew right there and then that we were destined to be together. Another piece of leather, vintage this time, teamed with studs...pure SEX!!!!! This is getting it's first airing today!

Now, i don't want to go too much into this brand (The Ragged Priest) as i already have another post planned out for it! It has become my latest love!

So many items to tick off my Christmas wish list, i am most pleased! Another rather impulsive buy today will be this little slice of heaven. Out for a fair while now but still an amazing accessory to any outfit and no one can ever argue with a bit of leopard print...

The one and only Louis Vuitton!

Ahhh, i now feel that my wardrobe is complete! Add to that the shoes i am purchasing on the moro...

Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony. Pure. Perfection.

(The wish list actually had Charlotte Olympia on it. However, i feel these can be something to work towards in the New Year!!!)

Maybe this Christmas isn't going to be quite so bad afterall...!!!Xxx

(P.S. This post was begun before the shopping trip and ended after...Hermes cuff and Louis scarf, it is more than pleasant to meet your acquaintance. Welcome, welcome into my life you blessed little pieces of sheer beauty!)

The Winner Takes It All...

So the recent winners of the BFC awards have now been shortlisted to win next years BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund. Yes, Jonathan Saunders, Mary Katrantzou, Roksanda Illincic and Peter Pilotto are all in the running for this ultimate fashion award. Also nominated are the likes of Schwab, Kirchhoff, Kirkwood and Richard Nicoll, the emerging artists in the latest contemporary craze to hit the fashion limelight!

The nominees have all been chosen by a fantastic and celeb-fuelled panel! Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman, Samantha Cameron, Joan Burstein, Caroline Rush and Marigay McKee.

The winner is to be named in the March issue of Vogue along with winning £200,000 as well as receiving bespoke mentoring provided by the industries leading figures!!!

Previous winners of this prestigious award have been Christopher Kane and Erdem. All having that 'edgy' quality to their work and designs. No longer just for a niche market , it seems the world of fashion is taking a dramamtic change. Making a statement, no matter how bold, is what its all about!

Jonathan Saunders.

Mary Katrantzou.

Roksanda Illincic.

Peter Pilotto.

I couldn't possibly pick a winner out of all of these. Oh to win the lottery to own each and every single piece. Ahhh we can but dream!

Roll on March!!!Xxx

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Come On, Vogue...

And the best app in the Best Digital Fashion Magazine goes to the one, the only VOGUE!!! (Rapid round of applause...yes, i am actually doing that right now!) Well deserved i'd say, but of course being somewhat of a fashion whore, i am more than slightly biased.

Vogue took the lead in all senses, beating the likes of, Company magazine and Pandora to the top spot. A statement written by the judge read...

'Classy, clean, has excellent photography, art direction and very good usage of interactive content...It's design makes the most of the platform.'

And for those of you who haven't bought January's edition, well, you are n for a treat! Florence Welch graces the cover in all her firey red glory! always!!!Xxx

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Versace...Round 2...

So Marni hasn't yet hit H&M and there is already some kind of hysteria for Versace's second drop! Yes, you read right! If you missed it first time around then here is your chance to more than make up for it!!

But there's a small catch, it's only available online. Which in all honesty, i feel is a good thing! None of this queuing outside shops all night, pushing, shoving, diva fits to get to the rails first! It is all instead just a click of a button away, only on

A/W collection drew on classic Versace motifs, with gold buttons, colourful prints, vibrant reds and purples a plenty and pouch shaped leather bags! More than a slight resemblance to Versace's mainline collection. So for the S/S we are totally hoping for flowing whites, aquatic and fruit inspired prints, already seen on many a catwalk for the upcoming season.

Expect prints in abundance, pinks, purples, hot pants, pumps, sandals (metallics, totally hot right now! Check out Wang and YSL also!) chunky jewellery, all typical Versace!

So, to summarise...

January 19.
Be there.
It's going to be yet another exceptional collection.
You have been warned.


Ahhhhh Marni...

So, seeing as my internet hated me for a couple of weeks i am pretty sure that you are already aware of H&M's latest collaboration!!! Only a few short weeks since Versace and the next one is lined up and ready to go! Woking at Harvey Nichols i have already had the joy of viewing the mainline collection and the diffusion line and let me tell you, Marni really is as wonderful as everyone says!

Consuelo Castiglioni, founder of Marni, is all set to unveil the new collection in 260 stores worlwide and online on March 8th, 2012. She says of the upcoming Spring line 'I wanted to create a true Marni wardrobe by revisiting all our favourite pieces in signature fabrics and prints.'
The Marni team have juxtaposed prints and colours, mixing modern tribal with Bauhaus graphic sporty touches. Using vivid colous and all-over prints, in that true Marni style!

Expect to see full pleated skirts, dresses, cropped trousers, jacquard knits and fabrics form silk to crisp cotton. Consuelo tells how she wanted to give the collection a modern touch, making it playful yet chic with the mix of prints and accessories making it 'a lovely statement for Spring.'

Well, i am already excited for March to get here. The worst of Winter out of the way, making it totally feasible to start building the perfect Spring/Summer wardrobe with the perfect H&M/Marni collaboration!!!Xxx

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dear Santa...

...Having not had the best start to 2011, i feel that this coming year is set to be the start of something fabulous. I could reel off a long list of good things i have set for myself, and others, and actually seen through, however this could take a lot of time for you! And, as i know that you have alot of letters to get through i shall simply let you read my blog at your own leisure to see the trials and tribulations AND indeed the amazingness of little old me! I am hoping that once you have whizzed your way through this you may make an extra little stop at Kennington this year (i will facebook message you my exact address and how you can get in to leave my gifts.) You are on facebook aren't you??! It seems to be the way that everyone contacts (stalks) eachother these days. What was wrong with paper and quill (or cartridge pen, i used to love receiving one of those every year) i will never know!!!

So, if you feel that my name should appear on the 'good girl' list, here is my wishlist for this year...

Charlotte Olympia 'Agatha' the perfect heel, ideal for every occasion, £665

Acne Vale Leather Cuff £90 (total bargain!!!)

Alexander Wang Leather Trimmed Tulle Shirt £385 (practical AND seriously stylish!!!)

Helmut Lang Baby Asymmetric Leather And Wool Dress £810.
May seem a whole lot of pennies but just wait until you see it in person Mr. C, understated yet sexy, chic and beyond elegance! A must!!!

Hermes bangle, to die for!
Ok, so i am actually buying this for myself, yet another 'Christmas present to me, from me' I'm not even going to justify it, afterall, it saves you from carrying it in your sack F.C., i'm doing you a favour!

And last but seriously by far the ultimate present...drum roll please...

Bi-Cabasis Ayers.

This needs no more words.

So, St. Nicholas, i feel i'm not asking alot. If you're feeling rather flush this year and of course, rather generous, then take note! I promise to make this year the best yet.

Thank you one again and i wish you all the luck with your journey across the globe delivering gifts to one and all!

In the words of Frank Xavier Cross...'You gotta party hardy Marty...God bless us, everyone'

All The Best,

Your Good Friend,