Wednesday, 14 December 2011

All I Want For Christmas...

I am finding it rather hard to believe that Christmas is already upon us! Aside from visiting Winter Wonderland i have come into contact with nothing festive, not even an M&S mince pie! Of course it is a well known fact that i am known as the Scrooge of this particular season, but is it just me or does Christmas seem to be losing its touch of late?! People seem to be far too consumed with the present giving part instead of what this time of year was actually intended. Anyway, once again i digress, it's hardly fashion orientated is it. Perhaps it's due to the fact that i am spending Christmas 250 miles away from my family, not a prospect i like to think about...normally resulting in tears, shoulder shuddering, hysteria, blah, blah, know the drill by now. So, maybe now is the time to switch the mood of this post into something more 'fashiony!'

We all know that Christmas means PARTY TIME!!! I am pretty sure that most of you will have celebrated, partied, danced most weeknds of December away! I think December is the only month where one can get away with drinking and eating to excess (or maybe i am just kidding myself...!!?!!) but there are still a good few weeks left if you haven't even started yet. And of course, this time of year calls for party dresses. Oh yesssss! A perfect excuse for new outfits and dresses that will get shoved to the back of your wardrobe after just the one wear. Be it sequins, lace, maxi, midi, black, gold, pink or silver, anything goes at Christmas! All you need is a bottle of the bubbly, Mariah blasting out of the speakers and you have got yourself the perfect Christmas party!

Here's just a samll pick of my fave dresses this season...

Topshop Velvet Skater By Boutique £120

And for a splash of colour this holiday season opt for this...
Embellished Fringe Shoulder By Dress Up Topshop £55...bargain!!!

Vero Moda Contrast Collar Harnes Dress NOW ONLY £19.50!
LOVE THIS!!! Also loving the fact that it's available in black and white! Completing the sexy tuxedo look, perfect for the New Year's festivities!

River Island Sequin Maxi Dress NOW ONLY £60!
What a better way to bring in this festive season than with a bit of sparkle! A cut-out back and a sexy side split i simply have to own this!!!

Topshop Sequin Dress With Fitted Bodice £120.

So, what are you waiting for girls. See in the holiday, or indeed the New Year, in perfect style! Glitter your way through the swanky club or opt for the androgynous charm for a New Year with the family! There is something for everyone out there, and what with all these sales that seem to be knocking about you have no excuse.

Start updating the 2012 wardrobe before it even gets here!!!Xxx

And for that extra little pick-me-up, simply click on the title of this post, grab a glass of wine and have a little party of your own whilst working your fabulous self into your perfect little Christmas number...Enjoy!

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