Monday, 19 December 2011

Boy, She's Got It...

My love for this girl is no secret. From an earlier post it is clear to see that i have a massive crush on her and it doesn't take a genius to work out why! Therefore it comes as no surprise that one of the bigggest names in fashion history has fallen for this girl hook, line and sinker. Lagerfeld has only gone bagged himself one of theee hottest girls to be the face of his latest line! Lucky guy!!

The daughter of a Brazilian model, the sister of a shoe champion...this Dellal has truly got it all! And i mean ALL...

...The style, the cheekbones, the wardrobe and now the face of 'Boy' handbag collection for Chanel!!!

It seems your Christmas wish may have just come true young Alice, and my love has grown even deeper. I think we can say it is slightly more than a crush right now...!!!Xxx

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