Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dear Santa...

...Having not had the best start to 2011, i feel that this coming year is set to be the start of something fabulous. I could reel off a long list of good things i have set for myself, and others, and actually seen through, however this could take a lot of time for you! And, as i know that you have alot of letters to get through i shall simply let you read my blog at your own leisure to see the trials and tribulations AND indeed the amazingness of little old me! I am hoping that once you have whizzed your way through this you may make an extra little stop at Kennington this year (i will facebook message you my exact address and how you can get in to leave my gifts.) You are on facebook aren't you??! It seems to be the way that everyone contacts (stalks) eachother these days. What was wrong with paper and quill (or cartridge pen, i used to love receiving one of those every year) i will never know!!!

So, if you feel that my name should appear on the 'good girl' list, here is my wishlist for this year...

Charlotte Olympia 'Agatha' the perfect heel, ideal for every occasion, £665

Acne Vale Leather Cuff £90 (total bargain!!!)

Alexander Wang Leather Trimmed Tulle Shirt £385 (practical AND seriously stylish!!!)

Helmut Lang Baby Asymmetric Leather And Wool Dress £810.
May seem a whole lot of pennies but just wait until you see it in person Mr. C, understated yet sexy, chic and beyond elegance! A must!!!

Hermes bangle, to die for!
Ok, so i am actually buying this for myself, yet another 'Christmas present to me, from me' I'm not even going to justify it, afterall, it saves you from carrying it in your sack F.C., i'm doing you a favour!

And last but seriously by far the ultimate present...drum roll please...

Bi-Cabasis Ayers.

This needs no more words.

So, St. Nicholas, i feel i'm not asking alot. If you're feeling rather flush this year and of course, rather generous, then take note! I promise to make this year the best yet.

Thank you one again and i wish you all the luck with your journey across the globe delivering gifts to one and all!

In the words of Frank Xavier Cross...'You gotta party hardy Marty...God bless us, everyone'

All The Best,

Your Good Friend,



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