Tuesday, 27 December 2011

I'm Driving Home For Christmas...

Ok, so i have given myself a few days off blogging and have missed it massively! But what with Christmas Eve adventures, tied in with the festive day itself and then the first day of sale...well, it has only given me time for eat and sleep!

Tonight i shall finally be driving home for Christmas! Round two of drinking, cracker pulling and Christmas dinner, mmmmm! Watch out family, Hey Mona is on her way (a family joke deriving from the Craig MacLachlan song way back when!!!)

Too excited to sleep, too teary to think about it actually happening!

See you in a few days with news of sales, bargains and fashion galore!!!Xxx

P.S. Please click on the title of this post for a bit of music magic...!!!Xxx


  1. I hope you had fun with the drive! It's a nice opportunity to rejuvenate the mind. Inside a car, especially when you're in charge of driving, there's no room for browsing the internet and blogging.

  2. There's nothing more exciting than coming home during the Holidays! It's something you shouldn't miss spending with your family. I've also been doing that for years now. It's the only time that I can be with my family, since I'm been busy with work.