Monday, 12 December 2011

Merry Christmas Love From Movida...

So, being in London you can almost guarantee that the works Christmas do was going to be in some swanky club right in the heart of it!!! And i was sooooo right! Movida sits right inbetween Oxford Street and Carnaby Street, you normally see it in magazines with celebs rolling out of it's doors in the early hours! However, for one evening only, it was graced with the celebs of Harvey Nichols. A drink on arrival (glass of bubbly to be exact!!!) a photo with the bezzies and a night full of dancing, camera flashing, drinking and hilarity! And when i say full of dancing, i mean that in every sense. There wasn't one seated person in the house. I danced the night away with my bezzies, on the floor, on the seats, oh just everywhere!! A DJ that's open to requests (always a crowd pleaser!) table service from easy-on-the-eye bar staff, perfectly raised dance floor, gorgeous males in shirts and bow-ties parading around...did i already mention them??! Ah well, they definitely made our night all the better!

You simply have to visit, even if you only do it the once! I shall most definitely be returning to this venue, if not only for the fact that phone signal is totally nil so no one can contact you all night long! Total bliss!

And of course, when i spend all day in black i then choose to wear it on a night out also!!! But with yet another new hair colour in tow, the signature pink lips, i was more than ready to paint the town red!

Make your next night out a Movida night out!

You will most definitely not regret it!!!Xxx

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