Friday, 23 December 2011

The Ragged Priest...

So, i have many loves in my life at the moment. And apart from the glaringly obvious ones my other major crush is my new jacket!! How can one be so in love with an inanimate object i hear you mumble??!!! Well, it's perfectly easy (in many ways!) it's look, its' feel, the uniqueness in it's entirety, oh just bloody everything. If something makes me feel good then i can totally fall in love, this is the only rule i keep to!

Now, Topshop (Oxford Street) isn't the most people friendly store i have ever visisted. If i am perfectly honest the majority of the time i can't stand the place. But if you choose to visit at the most inopportune times then all you are going to do is bring on early signs of heart failure, so you actually only have yourself to blame! Saturday evening at around 8 o clock is the ideal time, still giving you an hour to panic buy or just drool over the things you will buy when pay day arrives! This was when i fell in love with this little brand...

It's a small concession on the lower ground. Just spanning enough space to make you look and not too much that you just get bored!!! The designers have nicely re-worked vintage garments (my idea of heaven!!!) and added detail in the form of studs, feathers, various trimmings on to boots, trainers, jumpers, shorts, dresses, pretty much everything. Cardigans have studded elbow patches, leathers feature said trim on the shoulder, dresses held together by safety pins (very Liz Hurley-esque!)

If you haven't seen it already you seriously need to check it out! That floor has to be my favourite in Topshop, i walk in the door and head straight for it!! What's the point in dressing for an evening and seeing clones of your good self walking down the street wearing the same 'off-the-rack number'??! No, no, no, fashion is all about individuality, expressing who you are through how you choose to look! First impressions and judgements are made on the way we look, choose to be different, cause a stir and make people think twice about you! It's all in the mystery, make them want to get to know you!

The Ragged Priest not just available at Topshop but stores across Scotland, Germany, right the way to America!!!

Check It Out!!!Xxx

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