Thursday, 15 December 2011

Versace...Round 2...

So Marni hasn't yet hit H&M and there is already some kind of hysteria for Versace's second drop! Yes, you read right! If you missed it first time around then here is your chance to more than make up for it!!

But there's a small catch, it's only available online. Which in all honesty, i feel is a good thing! None of this queuing outside shops all night, pushing, shoving, diva fits to get to the rails first! It is all instead just a click of a button away, only on

A/W collection drew on classic Versace motifs, with gold buttons, colourful prints, vibrant reds and purples a plenty and pouch shaped leather bags! More than a slight resemblance to Versace's mainline collection. So for the S/S we are totally hoping for flowing whites, aquatic and fruit inspired prints, already seen on many a catwalk for the upcoming season.

Expect prints in abundance, pinks, purples, hot pants, pumps, sandals (metallics, totally hot right now! Check out Wang and YSL also!) chunky jewellery, all typical Versace!

So, to summarise...

January 19.
Be there.
It's going to be yet another exceptional collection.
You have been warned.


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