Sunday, 18 December 2011

Merry Christmas To Me...From Me...

And as the yuletide period beckons i can't seem to stop buying Christmas presents. A good thing you may say, however, they have all been for me!!! No, i'm not selfish, i am actually far from selfish! They are all in attempt to put a smile on ones face at not venturing back to the Shire for the festive day! And as i write this i am simultaneously applying make up and clothes to head out and purchase more. Although, i have decided that big sis' 30th birthday present shall also be bought today along with Mummy Carole's christmas present (see, the truth in the 'i'm not selfish' comment...!!!)

So, to date i have purchased the long awaited blazer with leather sleeve! I actually can't take it off my back! And even though the A/W leather loving season is nearly over i feel that this is going to be worn well into the new year! My beloved Hermes cuff is at the top of the list today (hence being up so early on the Sabbath!) Rather an impulsive buy earlier in the week came after a visit to Topshop on Oxford Street! Yes i can hear you all saying 'Oooooossshhh, brave girl', but it had to be done! Our eyes met across a crowded floor and i knew right there and then that we were destined to be together. Another piece of leather, vintage this time, teamed with studs...pure SEX!!!!! This is getting it's first airing today!

Now, i don't want to go too much into this brand (The Ragged Priest) as i already have another post planned out for it! It has become my latest love!

So many items to tick off my Christmas wish list, i am most pleased! Another rather impulsive buy today will be this little slice of heaven. Out for a fair while now but still an amazing accessory to any outfit and no one can ever argue with a bit of leopard print...

The one and only Louis Vuitton!

Ahhh, i now feel that my wardrobe is complete! Add to that the shoes i am purchasing on the moro...

Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony. Pure. Perfection.

(The wish list actually had Charlotte Olympia on it. However, i feel these can be something to work towards in the New Year!!!)

Maybe this Christmas isn't going to be quite so bad afterall...!!!Xxx

(P.S. This post was begun before the shopping trip and ended after...Hermes cuff and Louis scarf, it is more than pleasant to meet your acquaintance. Welcome, welcome into my life you blessed little pieces of sheer beauty!)

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