Thursday, 20 December 2012

Happy 500th...

What better way to celebrate my 500th post than with a bit of Louis Vuitton...  

Monogram Idylle jewellery collection. Ahhhhh!!!Xxx

Thursday, 13 December 2012

There's No Place Like Tiffany...

Just like the LBD or that pair of Louboutins, no girl should be without the ultimate piece of jewellery. The perfect accessory designed with the feminine lust for all things luxurious in mind. Understated, chic, yet oh so wonderfully charming...  

My beloved piece has the enamel finish on the back. Best of both worlds. It is a nice reminder that there really is no place like Tiffany. I wonder if i click my heels together i will be sent back to Tiffany in a flash??! Hmmm, worth a try!!!Xxx  

Was It Just A Dream?...

The most perfect store i have ever entered. A whole three floors of my beautiful Louis. Right in the heart of my fabulous New York, a place to do a real Macaulay Culkin in. Like a toy shop to children and a sports shop to men...this was my heaven. A true Christmas scene all in one!!!Xxx

The Perfect Clutch...

So the party season is close at hand and I just know that all you ladies will be rummaging deep in your wardrobes for something to get caught under the mistletoe in!!! You can’t kid a kidder; I know how this lark works by now. Glitzy number. Check. Skyscraper knock-out heels. Check. Perfect pout. Check. And off you go to dance the night away. Oh, but wait a minute. There is something missing, what could it be? The accessory that no woman can be without, day or night it never fails to let you down. No of course I am not talking about a man; I am talking about the perfect clutch. Ahhh. Always by your side, to hold your must-haves and needs. If you don’t have one, get one. Your life will be complete.


Choosing a bag is never easy, you don’t need to tell me I’m a nightmare when it comes to that task. At least five laps of the store will be done until I settle on the chosen one. There are lots of things to take into consideration, size, colour, strap or no strap? All of these things you are best having some idea of before heading out on this trip, otherwise just prepare to be completely overwhelmed. Especially in my little bag haven!

Now if you are anything like me you will go for timeless pieces, yes? A bag that may cause you to widen the purse strings (or extend the overdraft, whichever you prefer) but one that will never date and even in five years’ time will still look good under the arm. Take the Stella McCartney Falabella clutch for example; with its signature chain detail and faux suede texture this is sure to be a knock out with your LBCD (Little Black Christmas Dress.)
It is available in a multitude of colours and prints and at £515 you can consider it an early Christmas present to yourself.

If I have just broke the bank with that one then here is something slightly more affordable, after all there is something for everyone down at Harvey Nichols. I am sure all you lovely ladies have been all over the stud trend this season, and I am feeling that this is set to continue for some time yet. SO, what better way to work it than with studs…and lots of them? Sam Edelman doing it for the girls!!!
With added wrist strap (safety first ladies) you will have this by your side all night. Trusty steed. And if you really feel like pushing the boat out due to this being a total steal at £240, then you can always treat yourself to the matching shoes!!! Just saying.

Now for my last one I could go totally OTT and show you the bag that could only be classed as an actual masterpiece, a true work of art. All Hail McQueen…but at £1265 I think that could be more of an item to be added to ones wishlist. So instead we will go for a delightful DKNY number.
It’s black, it’ embellished, it’s a box clutch. The ultimate clutch for the festive season, with added mirror there is no reason for smudged lipstick after your moment under the mistletoe.  And at only £135…well, that just means a few less selection boxes for your little angels.

Good luck ladies and choose wisely. Your mistletoe happiness depends on it!!!Xxx
(Check out the column in Yorkshire Post Style Supplement)

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Jimmy Choo...

Jimmy Choo, has there ever been a nice shoe than you??! Well, i'm a poet and i didn't know it (actually, i did know it!) News just in: Jimmy Choo are all set to open their new menswear flagship store in London next year. Dover Sttreet watch out, the Choo is a-coming!!! This area is fast becoming the place to be for any discerning fashionista. The most cutting edge designers and luxury wears all in one place. And now to add to the mix is the House of Jimmy.  


New Year...

Having not had much to do this past week i almost feel like a traitor writing on here. For over the next couple of weeks i shall be so busy with late nights, Christmas festivities and catching up with nearest and dearest that posts may be at a minimum. I apologise in advance. Weeks like this aren't much fun too much thinking and time for self reflection, but knowing that a new year will soon start is always good. As i think i said last year, new years are a bit of an anti-climax, they come, they go, all out to start with the best of intentions. Surely what will be will be and everything happens for a reason and all that. For me 2012 has been pretty amazing, i started out the year in an old friend's house party down in London. Yes, that's right i lived down there a whole year ago. And now here i am, a whole year on, happy, content, good job, good friends and a family and loved ones that i absolutely adore. What else could 2013 possibly bring that i don't already have??! I can't wait to see!!!Xxx  

Go Team Stella...

And so lies here the list of the top ten most covetable names in fashion in 2012. (Yes, yes i understand that it was released yesterday but i was still reeling from James Arthur's success, a bad back and a very poorly thumb!!!) So here goes...and i'm going to count backwards just to really get the tension rolling:

10. LK Bennett (a firm fave of r' Kate)

9. Burberry (bringing it home to The Brits)

8. Ossie Clarke

7. Marks & Spencer (go Rosie and Ryan)

6. Mulberry

5. Versace

4. Alice Temperley

3. Victoria's Secret (we can all but dream for a body like theirs)

2. Karl Lagerfeld

And here we have it, number one, numero uno, the king of the hill, top notch and all that...

1. Stella McCartney (half Beatle half that like a muggle in the Harry Potter world??!)

Being named the most searched for brand on the internet this girl shows that she has sure still got it...  


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

PJ Clarke's...

Oh how i wish that i was sitting here right now. Steak. Cosmo. U2 on the speakers.  

At nearly 130 years old, PJ Clarke's is one of the oldest saloons in the city. Situated on the corner of 55th Street and Third Avenue it has remained virtually unchanged since it first opened in 1884. You ever go to New York you HAVE to make time for this little piece of heaven. I am a creature of habit so once i find somewhere i like i will go back and this was no different. Five nights i think i dined here, the atmosphere, the staff, the food, everything was above and beyond. Everything was perfect.

Also located in:

Lincoln Square, New York
On The Hudson, New York
Washington, DC
Las Vegas
Sao Paulo, Brazil


Street Style...

And so as the weather gets colder and the air turns icier it is time for a change in the wardrobe. Winter coats out, scarves, hats, gloves, as many layers as you can get on to be honest. However, do avoid the Michelin man look, it isn't all the rage this season!!! It is so hard to remain true to fashion in this weather, none of this heels around town when ice is present eveywhere you turn. I have already suffered an accident in the car i don't fancy any more injuries this year. But it is still nice to see that some people get to seriously work it this festive month. Street Style. My favourite thing.  

Wrap around scarves, tea cosy hats, Celine's (ahhhhh!), leather, biker, tweed, oversixed, fur, just too many to mention. All my loves in one season. Now to preen the wardrobe for my days back to work. I am back people!!!Xxx  

Girl Crush...

Now, i'm not being funny but what is it with absolutey gorgeous women at the moment? Every where i turn!!! It doesn't do much for the confidence i can tell you. And i don't just mean gorgeous like run of the mill pretty, but i mean STUNNING! New York was full of them, magazines are full of them, online, television. I need a serious pampering day to get me back to my best i think! Some full on girl crushes going on, and may i say that Rihanna is top of the list!!! She sizzled on X Factor and just keeps on getting better...  

Dressed in Alexander Wang SS13 collection she showed that hair long or short, this girl stilll got it going onnnnn!!!  

Dressed in Balmain. Ths girl can do no wrong!!!

Anja Rubik. Zanotti. Diesel. Owens. Van Noten. Smith. Swoon.

Rosamund Pike. McQueen SS13. Words fails me.  

Gabriella Wilde. Burberry. Perfect.  

I feel that i can not go any further other than to say that thee women are pure sex. Tips coming soon. Notepad at the ready. Eyes down. Look in!!!Xxx

Monday, 10 December 2012

James Arthur...

The most amazing song from one of the most amazing voices to emerge in recent years. James Arthur. I heart you!!!


Friday, 30 November 2012

New York, New York...Again...

New York, New York, how your name still covets my entire world. I have dreamed of nothing else for a week and shall dream of no other for quite frankly, a lifetime. From your towering skyrapers to your tranquil spaces and churches galore, the flame i lit shall be my homage to your wonderful self. Even now, it seems so surreal to think that i was once in the most famous city in the world (in my opinion!) for  a whole week. My biggest dream quite honestly came true. Too many memories to recap and too many breath-taking moments to tell of. I can cry at the drop of a hat at the best of times but tears were present on many an occasion! Riding in the yellow cab en route to Manhattan with the first sighting of the ever impressive skyline ahead, horse and cart ride around Central Park, 9/11 memorial, boarding the helicopter, the view from Empire State and my first glimpse of Lady Liberty being top of the list. However, i feel that reality hit when walking through Central Park. A vague recollection of Home Alone II came back to me and then all made sense. It's actual name is Bethesda Fountain, featured in many a film and programme! A short walk away lies the terrace, under archway and decorated in the most beautiful Minton tiles. It feels like a piece of what i would imagine old New York to be. The moment was finished off perfectly with a trio of voices belting out an outstanding rendition of 'You Raise Me Up', acapella. Well, i am sure you can imagine my reaction. Standing quite literally in the middle of my own dream, my life felt complete. The words of the song ringing thorough and true. Tears of joy and pure happiness. That moment shall play over in my mind always. An epiphanous encounter shall we say. Perfect.  




Monday, 26 November 2012

I'm In a New York State Of Mind...

All back and fresh from The Big Apple. Suffering from serious holiday blues i am consoling myself with pictures, pressies and YouTube. All will make sense in a moment. Now before i bore you all with endless pictures and stories from the holiday of a lifetime i simply have to share some fashion news with you all. Afterall, this is what we are here for. So, it seems as though the fashion world have gone Disney crazy. Harrods with their Princess inspired window, Chopard with their jewellery line. However, the best yet has to be the window of Barney's. WOW. A total showstopper, the crowds that gathered daily were amazing, cameras, flashes, laughing. You simply have to see it. Not only that but the escalator stairwells are covered in vinyls of our favourite fashion characters. See them all here brought to life in Disney's Electric Dream...


Sunday, 4 November 2012

New York, New York...

In just over two weeks time i will be in the world's most fashionable city...

Helicopters, ferries, trips up The Statue Of Liberty, shopping, Cosmopolitans, horse and cart ride round Central Park, one lucky girl! A whole week in The Big Apple with the most perfect person!!!Xxx

Thursday, 1 November 2012


And so my first day back at work was made all the better when i came face to face with the most amazing piece of leather my little eyes have ever seen. Ok, so maybe i say this about every new bag i come across. BUT, that was until this arrived. It simply ticks every box, it comes in both black and burgundy. Calfskin leather. Clutch (my fave!) and it's Celine. My most favourite label to date. End of.  

It fits under the arm like pure perfection. With the simple gold writing on the back and silver slim fastening, everything about it screams luxury. Including the price tag! That alone makes up my full months wage. Perhaps i should escape my rent payment, car payment and food just to buy it??! A thought i shall definitely work on!!!Xxx

Monday, 29 October 2012

Prada Heaven...

Prada never has and never will disappoint. For all there are wonderful designers around, the Phoebe Philo's, Marc Jacobs, Sander, Simons, Lagerfeld...Miuccia Prada just never falters. This season absolutely wowed me when i first saw it, from the ad campaigns to the runway shows, it is just perfection. No one can deny that high street shops have copied none other then the Italian fashion house. Right from Primark to Next to Topshop, the patterned shirts teamed with patterned trousers. Worn together or seperately, it all depends on just how fashion forward you are!!! Windows are adorned with Doctors style bags, zip totes, heavily belted coats, embellieshed jackets and clashing diamond prints. The whole world has gone Prada crazy. And now, just when i thought i could be wowed no more, i laid eyes on the hair styles on the catwalk. Reminded me of me yester-year, the old dip-dye never fails to impress me. And in true Prada style, they don't do things by halves, hair extensions were attached in all their glory. The longer the better, the bolder the better!!!

Ahh it's nice to see even the biggest fashion houses giving those who can't afford the wears the option to buy into a small part of the label!!! Even if it is through the hairdresser!!!Xxx

Friday, 26 October 2012

Top Knots...

The top knot is back!!! Did it ever go away really??! It certainly did for me when i cut off the locks and opted for a blunt bob for the last six months. Then after what felt like a forever of waiting i turned into Rapunzel (well, not quite!!!) and now my top knot is on top of my head while we speak...or write. Ahhh perfect. I feel like the me of yester-year, minus the Winehouse eyeliner!

If you need me, i will be fixing my hair!!!Xxx

Trend Alert...

Now i remember way back in 1999, me and my Sister Charlotte wholeheartedly embraced this trend. Can't decide whether to wear a skirt or trousers??! Well why not just wear both of them together??! Skorts are so last year (culottes pretending to be skirts!) and now we have the mature version of that 90's trend. And let's face it, it it is seen on the runway of Chanel, Prada and Erdem, we are all going to sit up and listen!!!

Giambattista Valli.


Marc Jacobs.  


Louis Vuitton.  

Aquilano Rimondi.  

We have A-line, layering, embellishments, gothic chic. Heavy wool from Vuitton, jewels form Prada, puffball dresses over cigarette legs at Christian Dior. Everyone is jumping on board. The whole world has gone skirt over trouser crazy! I think that i shall try this out myself. Now pass me that tunic and my tailored trousers, let's see what we have here!!!Xxx


Daniel Craig.

What are you doing with your Friday night!!!Xxx

The Carrie Diaries...

I am ridiculously excited??! Why i hear you ask!!! The trailer for the Sex and the City prequel, The Carrie Diaries, has been aired! This is something i HAVE to see. I am yet again back to the beginning of the series run i do constantly. I am actually addicted, morning, noon and night, i have it playing while straightening, tidying, make upping, sleeping, i think that you get the picture. (And i do think that Carrie is most definitely my style icon. Yes, yes she is!)

The series takes us back to 1984 (i was only one!!!) where Carrie is still in school. Her Mother has just passed and she immerses herself in friends, fashion and boys! (Don't we all!) Her Father suggests a change of scenery, thus Carrie finds herself interning in Manhattan. The backdrop to Sex and the City! So much to happen, so much to find out! Oooh it's like real life!!! 

All set to air in January 2013.  
Starring AnnaSophia Robb and Freema Agyeman!!!Xxx

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Maison Martin Margiela...

Maison Martin Margiela. 15th November. I shall be there. BUT ONLY if i can manage to bag myself the oversized trousers. Holy cow they are actually to die for. I first laid eyes on the collection a week ago. My fellow fashion friend Matthew brought up the pictures whilst on the shop floor...yes, this was probably wrong but OH SO RIGHT!!!!! Wow! You should have seen the smile on my face!

Just take a look...

I am always a massive fan of anything oversized and masculine, the bigger the better, the baggier the better. Especially when teamed with heavy lips and a nice brogue. This collection has to be the best H&M have ever done. Of course excluding the ADR most recently, the accessories were to die for! The prices here range from £15.99 to £159.99 (or thereabouts!) totally reasonable. The bubble coat, the masculine suit, the cuts, the tailoring, everything is just perfect! Metallic clutches make the brand totally accessible, high-tops, boots with perspex heels (yesssss!) could you ask for anything more??! Definitely not!!!

15th November. My new anniversary!!!Xxx