Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Moving On Up...

I don't know one person who enjoys moving house. It's just a massive pain in the obvious. Even though i have a few weeks to go, time always moves too fast so i'm currently trying to motivate myself into starting early! No one likes a procrastinator afterall!! However, the only thing i have motivation for today is shopping and enjoying wine times with the bezzie. Gotta love a payday millionaire, plus we never get the same day off so this is a somewhat rarity. I feel that we must make the most of our time together. So watch out Portobello, ima coming. Midday to evening pub crawl (i've grown out of bars!!!) is the way forward and will most definitely become a tradition.

Payday couldn't have actually landed on a better day. I just so happened to peruse net-a-porter.com earlier this morn and saw that Karl has dropped off another boat load of stock and i simply must own a piece. It's sheer effin amazingness. Honestly, i know i say this alot but the fashion this season has got to be one of my faves!!

Agent Provocateur
(Imagine the tan lines you would be left with but imagine the impact this would make by the pool! FIT!!!)
Aminaka Wilmont.
Maison Martin Margiela.
Cutler and Gross.
Markus Lupfer.
Emilio Pucci.

And the absoulte ultimate in shoes. Metallic, spikes, the 'to-die-for' red soles...

Mr. Louboutin does us proud!

All hail SS12. It is going to be a good one!!!Xxx

Sunday, 29 January 2012


New flat (exciting!!!!!) Check.
Interview. Check.
New job??! Ahh now that is the question!

Whilst i have been preparing for said interview and awaiting the outcome i have become ever so slightly obsessed with 'Fashiolista', an amazing website for all fashion lovers out there! Yes i still trawl the fashion week sites and see all the amazing collections and yes i still want to blog about them. But as fashion constantly changes i feel that some other sites need an airing, more accessible for starters and it's high fashion made for people like us. Workers of retail who want it all done somewhat cheaply!!!

http://www.fashiolista.com/ so check it out and sign up for some fashion loving! It is most definitely the way forward!!!Xxx

Friday, 27 January 2012

Break A Leg?...

So i don't have to make my apologies afterwards i am going to make them in advance instead!!! You shall not be getting any posts from me until at least Sunday, Monday at the latest! What with interview prep (third interview in three months! Let's hope this one is as successful as the last), outfit prep more importantly, AND work, well i just simply can't manage everything! I fear i shall go through sheer exhaustion. Although, outift is set to be tan leather pencil skirt, floral shirt and a lovely little Alexa-esque bow. Complimented nicely by my new Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony shoes of course!!! Chic??! Yes i thought so!

Wish me luck people and keep those fingers crossed...and toes...and even legs! Ooops!!!Xxx

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Seasonal Whore...

Gisele and Ryan Barrett for Versace, Jil Sander, Givenchy, Alexandra Grecco, Louis Vuitton, Proenza Schouler, Zandra Rhodes...shall i go on??!

We have it all, floral fever, candy pants, aqua chic, little white dress, boho lovin'! One season in one go!

It's like an SS12 Bonanza!!!Xxx

Start Spreading The News...

So, anyone who knows me knows that the only place in the whole wide world i want to visit is New York, New York! Now, just so you know, i do plan on doubling the name up throughout this entire post! Annoying much??! Probably! Anyhow, i did find myself rather pleased when a friend of mine moved out there and set up home! Even more pleased when i received an invite to visit him, i have no words to explain the sheer delight that ran through me, or indeed explain the size of the Grinch-like-smile that spread right across my face! I think i may have even done a little dance around my room and let out some kind of joyous WOOP! Yes, yes, you guess right, i was MORE than thrilled!!! Checking out flights and attractions has filled the majority of my day off!!

So, the flights i can totaly work out whenever. I know the basics and am all up on travel and transport since my move South, so travelling on my lonesomne i am actually quite looking forward to! I shall spend the journey reading books on New York, New York!!!

So where to begin??! Perhaps with a sightseeing tour?! Check out the obvious like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge. Just to set eyes on these will excite me more than anything i'm sure. This can also be pre-booked (always thinking!) at just a mere £42.22 and it is the only tour to incorporate a boat cruise! Hold on to your stomachs!!!

Another cruise that is slightly cheaper is the 'Hop-on Hop-off' cruise PLUS a 9/11 Memorial ticket, just a mere £16.69 and goes through New York harbour. I feel this must be a MUST-SEE!!!

My fave has to be the Empire State Building ticket! To get to the top i will feel just like Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle when she goes to meet Tom Hanks! Awww! Only £14.13 so this is pretty much a definite already!!

Definitely will be dragging poor Dom to the theatre. Having viewed many a musical on The West End the next stop has to be on Broadway! So i can take my pick from Mamma Mia, The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Mary Poppins...Oh the list really is quite endless! Ahh decisions, decisions!

I feel that i couldn't possibly visit New York, New York and not see Ground Zero. The World Trade Centre Walking Tour is £15.41 and quite frankly i would pay a hell of a lot more. To visit what once was, and still is, the symbol of the city itself is going to be a truly memorable moment!

I am only going to be able to stomach one cruise so i really must choose between them all! This little beauty is making its way to be a winner however. The New York (New York) City Harbor Lights Night Cruise (£20.54). To watch the sun setting, the glistening lights jump off the river. Ahhh this really is going to be one of those amazing moments in life that you will the world to stop, just for a few moments, to really let it sink in that you're in possibly the most amazing city in the world...!

My list could go on and on, there's Madame Tussauds (£21.38), a possibility of a Niagara Falls day trip (but at £308.20...erm, maybe when i win the lottery!) I want to take a stroll around Central Park, take a ride in a yellow cab, go crazy shopping down Fifth Avenue, join the the New York, New York TV and movie sites tour (£25.68), Sex and the City hotsopts tour (£30.82) drink cosmos and parade down the sidewalk like Carrie Bradshaw! Go for champgne in the Waldorf Astoria (Home Alone II: Lost In New York (New York), definitely my favourite!!!) And the ultimate...visiting The Dakota Building where my all-time hero John Lennon was shot!

The excitement is almost too much to bare, perhaps more so than other changes that are going on in my life at the moment! And that takes some beating!!!

'You're gonna love it that much Lucy, you'll never want to go home' Christ, i get homesick 2 1/2 hours away in London! Although i am still pretty sure Dom's words will be more than true!!!

Oh New York, New York, i hope you're ready!!!Xxx

All the tours and theatre tickets are pre-bookable on viator.com! Save yourself some money and hassle and buy before you fly!!!Xxx

Chloe Crush...

Love the hair.
Love the shoes.
Love the clothes.
Love everything.

Chloe Sevigny you have it ALL!!!
So effin' HOT! I just wanna be her!

Working in retail really does have its bonuses...SHOESSSSS galore!

Choe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony.
Mary Jane Platform Clogs.

Mine all mine...to add to the ever-growing collection!!!Xxx

Pretty As A Picture...

Mia Rose meet the world, the world meet Mia Rose...

A picture speaks a thousand words!!!Xxx

Cult Karl...

And so the countdown is on. In just over four hours net-a-porter.com will be going crazy as Lagerfeld mania hits its screens! The new collection, Karl, will be live and kicking and ready for purchase. With pieces starting from as little as £50 there is most certainly something for everyone. Even those like me who is still a week away form pay day but will sacrifice certain needed luxuries (ie. food!) to own one amazing detachable collar!! Ahh dreams really do come true and little things please little people...like meee!!!

In typical Karl fashion you can pick up a pair of fingerless gloves and join the Karl cult! There are the aforementioned collars (yesss!), sequinned dresses and skirts, crisp white shirts with cut-out detailing. PVC sleeve jumpers, super skinny jeans and tough leathers! Sounds amazing doesn't it??! Well what the hell are you waiting for??! Get out the computer (or the app if you roll that way) finger poised over the BUY button and buy into the Lagerfeld world. You will most definitely not regret it!!!

Not only can you buy your little heart out online, but if you are lucky enough to live in The Big Apple then you can visit the pop-up shop set to open on Friday on Bleecker Street! WOW!! And the fun doesn't stop there, it's like Beatlemania all over again, Lagerfeld is set to take over the world! Pop-up store windows will also be in London, New York, Berlin and Sydney!!! Double wow! This is set to be huge!!!

Cult Karl...I salute you!!!Xxx

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Journey South...

Growing up we spend so much time trying to define who we are, where we belong. If a path is set out for us then where does ours begin?! Are there directions or is it obvious where we are to walk?! We look to others for inspiration. Trying to gain independence but as a result most end up dependant on another (normally a male for me!)We search for years trying to become the best version of ourselves, secretly envious of those who seem to effortlessly stumble into the stride of their own lives. We spend years trying to get away from what we often feel are constraints in our lives. Family. Sisters, mother, father, lovers. Anyone. Always feeling that there is something bigger and better out there - there just has to be!!! So why has everyone else found it but us??! The truth is that this thing in which we seek has always been there. We have just lost sight of it, lost control of life, got caught up in a whirlwind of parties, drinking, and being the life and soul of every social gathering, if not the instigator!!! Only after do you realise that notoriety isn't only overrated and exhausting but not remotely fulfilling!

I refuse to believe that anyone living their lives in this way is truly happy. A life fuelled by drink and filled with such superficiality can never bring true happiness. Never knowing why anyone wants to be in your life, never really trusting anyone as a result. Being the sad and lonely girl at 3am with nothing but drunken thoughts is never going to have a positive effect. And last of all the embarrassment a life like this can bring. Being ashamed of your own behaviour is mean't to make you stop surely??! However, when everyone around you is doing the same thing you become even more determined to tell yourself that this is the life you have longed for. You have to enjoy this life, you have to BE this life! Your shame sends you soaring into it, being the girl who everyone wants to know, the girl around town. This is not arrogance or sheer big-headedness talking, this unfortunately is life! And it was facing up to this that lead me to realise my own faults and what i wanted out of life and what was important to me. All those years spent never feeling like i thought i should feel, never being happy with the way i looked, always wanting more, always changing me to appeal to others. How ironic that most women suffer low self-esteem due to men, yet we constantly seek their approval, 'If i have long hair will he love me more?!...if i am a size 00 will he find me more attractive??'

For the first time in my whole 28 years i have curves and i have never felt more confident. I have a waist, i have hips and a stomach that doesn't cave in. For the first time since being 14 i eat and enjoy food without having to work out how long i will have to starve myself for as a result. Feeling grounded and in control for a woman is a truly empowering moment. Physically feeling like a woman and not a little girl is in fact life-changing.

For the past five months i have been on one of the hardest journeys i imagine i will ever travel. Going in search of yourself is never going to be easy, the tears and the pain you encounter along the way is tough but more than worthwhile. I found a strong, powerful woman at the end of mine, far more attractive than the little girl who was standing on the precipice of the unknown so long ago...

...London, you have been more than kind!


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Adieu, Adieu...

So as the Harvey Nichols sale draws to a close the discounts just keep getting bigger and better. What with last seasons now at an almighty 90% WOW!!!!! you can really grab yourself a bargain. And to go with that some of the 60%ers are wininging their way down to 70%, could you seriously ask for anything more??!!! Hell no i reckon!

So get yourself down there and i will think of you all piling into my department whilst i am in the Shire meeting my gorgeous little Mia Rose petal! Ahh, i am so excited that the load of tears has made its way up from the measly four times to a more round figure nearing ten! Yesssss! That's the way we like it. Purchases have had to be made to take the edge off and impromptu nights out were a given really! So i bid thee all farewell, yet again! And when i return i will have tales of babies, fashion weeks well underway, hot models, babies, babies and more babies. I tell you something, the next time a member of my family is in labour IT WILL BE ME!!!...something to think about at least!

Have a fabulous week you wonderful set of fashionistas!!!Xxx

Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Day The Stork Arrived...

I know I don't normally post whilst on my break from work, but some things in life just call for it! Today has been another amazing day in the Adams/Buckley/Stokes/Hillyard (etc, etc) dynasty! Yet another gorgeous baby has entered the world. Yes, I am now the proud owner of one baby Niece, Mia Rose to be exact! The joy I am feeling has expressed itself in four loads of tears, being in London has not boded well with me! I am just longing for the next few days to be over so that I can go and meet the little Princess and deliver, in person, her Barbie pink American Apparel hoodie...well, we may aswell start her off young! Normal fashion business shall resume shortly!!!Xxx

Friday, 13 January 2012

Perfect In Pink...

You know you're getting old when you get more excited over the prospect of buying a sofa than the latest pair of Louboutins. Maybe its due to the fact that i am nearing the big 3-0, my siblings are all married with their own homes, husbands, children (the latter being much of the same thing!!) so i feel it's just natural order of things for me to head down the same avenue. OR maybe it's just due to the fact that this sofa is PINK!!!!! Yes, you heard me right, a pink sofa. From the moment my eyes were drawn to this i knew that i had to own it

I don't even need to explain this in any way! It speaks for itself and is going to look amazing in my new flat! I know that i have never been much of a girly-girl but i think just like Dylan said 'times they are a changin' ALOT! Team with this some choice cushions, my pretty crockery set that i fell in love with instantly and you have the most perfect lounge and kitchen! Just the bedroom to tackle, hmmm, i wonder what colour shall go in there...??!!!

All this home buying calls for something new for myself surely??! Admittedly one needs to purchase some more pink...no, not for me, for baby girl Hillyard! The Vogue's and Elle's in my life shall be neatly displayed in a magazine hanger on the wall, pride of place in the perfect position! Marilyn somewhere nearby. Ahh, it is all coming together nicely! The excitement nicely distracts me from heading into Topshop these days. I think i will draw this process out! I like the new me!!!Xxx

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Alber The Best Musketeer...

Now, since working in the shoe department i have come ever so obsessed with Lanvin. Admittedly i had started a small love affair with the brand when i first watched the YouTube video for his collection. Nothing short of genius was a common opinion!

So the SS12 is barely in the shops and already you can view the pre-AW12/13 collection. Scary huh??! You're telling me, i want Summer here already, definitely not thinking about next Winter when i am still battling with this one! However, if you want to be ahead of the times (who doesn't??!) then check it out on Vogue.com and i will tell you all about the SS12 inspirations, right here, right now!!!

Alber Elbaz certainly isn't camera or audience shy. Standing there in his oversized glasses he is most definitely a charmer. Joking with the crowds, telling of his concepts before even showing one piece of his collection. So after telling his fans of what could have inspired him he finally got to telling them what did!!! Firstly there was this idea of a native island woman and secondly the death of the all glamorous Elizabeth Taylor.

Playful prints in bold colours, all still within keeping of the Lanvin signature style however! Draped and ruched dresses, cascading gowns in gold and silvers, almost with that wetlook appearance! Fringing to give that tribal yet slightly flapper-esque appeal! Still sticking with the roaring 20's trend that seems to be whisking its way around the whole season!

Shell-shaped bags totally in keeping with the island feel all in jewel tones. Wet and totally au natural hair, ideal for the native woman! Heavy embellishment, urbane turbans (very Liz!) emerald hues and ruffles galore. Perfect SS12 collection!!!


Monday, 9 January 2012

Let The Countdown Commence...

And yet again, another week has passed and i haven't been in your lives. I can only apologise so many times before you start to tire of these 'sorrys!' What can i do to possibly make up for it??! Tell you that fashion week countdown is on??! Six whole weeks i do believe...and i even have a planner of events!!!!! (There are some perks to working and living in the capital.) I will be sure to collect this from work on the moro and give you the lowdown on the festivities. If it wasn't so late i would be getting ridiculously hyper about it. However, four days back in the Shire has truly taken it out of me. New year, new hair (obvs!), shopping trips, nights out at The Dalesway Hotel, champers, Lady Gaga, Hairspray, crabs (of the gym variety!), leapfrogs, Rhianna, jagerbombs...too many to add! The perfect weekend was truly had by all. And so on this note i have to bid you farewell for the evening. I just thought that i should drop in and say hi-hello!!

Have a fantastic eve and an even more fantastic-er Tuesday people!!!Xxx

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary...

Mary Charteris. Tipped to be the the 'latest face of fashion' when she was only 15 years old. And not just tipped by anyone but Isabella Blow of all people, whom she actually modelled for at only 14 in Tatler don't you know!!! And even now, at a mere 23, she is going from strength to strength. Not only does she frequently model for milliner Philip Treacy, she is also the latest star of Vogue.com 'What I'm Wearing Today...'

The niece of Daphne Guinness, Mary studied art in school, fell for a guy in a rock band (obvs!) and is now one of Louis Vuittons new 'It Girls.' Doesn't she just have it all eh??!!! I think she has become my new fashion love!!!Xxx

Gandy Eye Candy...

David Gandy.

This face of Dolce not only graces magazines and billboards alike but has also appeared in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Glamour, and in 2009 was voted as the world's third most successful male model. And i can totally see why!

Quite possibly the most beautiful man i have ever laid eyes on.

Speechless...for real!!!Xxx

Fashion's Favourite Films...

Everyone is inspired by something, be it music, art, movies...inspiration comes in all forms and is constantly all around us. Growing up i was a massive fan of films. I would watch the same film over and over. Some because i loved the story, i liked the way it made me feel but then most because i NEEDED to be the girl in the film! I think i pretty much lived my life through films (i'm sure nearly every girl can relate to this!) So enough chat, let's have a good old laugh at the oldies...

Number 1 has to be everyones all time fave...

Alicia Silverstone...WOW! Those minis teamed with oversized shirts and small cropped jumpers inspired me to visit Tammy Girl and rip-off her exact same outfit!!!

'Don't Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead'
Me and my sisters probably wore out our home recorded version of this. Her french plaits are so SS12, the shoulder pads, the velvet and chignons. Perfect example of fashions coming back around! Talk about a style inspiration...move over Kate Moss.

'Mean Girls'
The modern day 'Clueless', the group that everyone wanted to be a part of in High School. So many films all telling the same story, none fail to have the same effect! The outfits, the hair...damn, i still want to be the cool kid now!

Ahhh the devil really does wear Prada, and Miu Miu, Balenciaga, Valentino...the list is endless. Never have i wanted a girls wardrobe so much. The ultimate fashion film, to die for...well, maybe it runs a close second to this...

Molly Ringwald.
'Pretty In Pink'
The film i daren't watch through, rewind (how 80's) and watch again. the thought of tiring of it slightly scares me. Her style is effortlessly cool, a girl seriousy after my own heart. She has it all!

And last but not least by any stretch is this little beaut! She will forever remain the symbol of not only pure unadulterated sex, but of a real woman, what all women should aspire to be like, look like...forget this size zero malarky!

She was the icon of an entire moment in time, beauty personified...

Marilyn Monroe (and not forgetting Jane Russell!)
'Gentleman Prefer Blondes'
One of my favourite Christmas presents this year was my Monroe calendar.

Every photo is sheer brilliance, and just so happens will be my next tattoo. Excited much??!!! Oh i think so!!!Xxx

Sunday, 1 January 2012

'What I Wore Today...'

New Years Eve not only expects a new outfit, but it demands it! Now what with working all Christmas and New Year, one hasn't really had time to shop. And to be quite honest, when you spend all day in one store the thought of fighting your way through the crowds to peruse another stores wears is ever so slightly depressing!!!

I happened upon my chosen attire when searching for Christmas presents only last week. My eyes were caught by the sequins and i was determined to wear anything but black!!! I wanted something simple, understated, yet chic. And you can never go wrong with sequins in my book!

So off i set on my lunch break on the eve of New Year, down Brompton Road, all the way to Zara. I walked to the exact spot where i had first laid eyes on said number, picked it up and with no hesitation carried it straight to the till. Within a couple of minutes my usual hard task of what to wear was whisked away...

Zara. Currently on sale at £29.99.

I actually chose to wear it back to front. It has a small v-neck and i can't really work with that cut. I don't really do any amount of cleavage, not very becoming! It feels amazing on and just hangs so simply. With pockets for that dress-down casual look, the glitz and glamour of the style just makes it so versatile. With my signature Chanel (bag and scent!) leather-sleeved blazer, curls, gloss, platforms and opaques, i was good to go!!!!!

A night of wine, sparkly stuff and fireworks really made it a New Years to remember!

Happy 2012 Everyone. Chin chin!!!Xxx