Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Cult Karl...

And so the countdown is on. In just over four hours will be going crazy as Lagerfeld mania hits its screens! The new collection, Karl, will be live and kicking and ready for purchase. With pieces starting from as little as £50 there is most certainly something for everyone. Even those like me who is still a week away form pay day but will sacrifice certain needed luxuries (ie. food!) to own one amazing detachable collar!! Ahh dreams really do come true and little things please little meee!!!

In typical Karl fashion you can pick up a pair of fingerless gloves and join the Karl cult! There are the aforementioned collars (yesss!), sequinned dresses and skirts, crisp white shirts with cut-out detailing. PVC sleeve jumpers, super skinny jeans and tough leathers! Sounds amazing doesn't it??! Well what the hell are you waiting for??! Get out the computer (or the app if you roll that way) finger poised over the BUY button and buy into the Lagerfeld world. You will most definitely not regret it!!!

Not only can you buy your little heart out online, but if you are lucky enough to live in The Big Apple then you can visit the pop-up shop set to open on Friday on Bleecker Street! WOW!! And the fun doesn't stop there, it's like Beatlemania all over again, Lagerfeld is set to take over the world! Pop-up store windows will also be in London, New York, Berlin and Sydney!!! Double wow! This is set to be huge!!!

Cult Karl...I salute you!!!Xxx

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