Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Fashion's Favourite Films...

Everyone is inspired by something, be it music, art, movies...inspiration comes in all forms and is constantly all around us. Growing up i was a massive fan of films. I would watch the same film over and over. Some because i loved the story, i liked the way it made me feel but then most because i NEEDED to be the girl in the film! I think i pretty much lived my life through films (i'm sure nearly every girl can relate to this!) So enough chat, let's have a good old laugh at the oldies...

Number 1 has to be everyones all time fave...

Alicia Silverstone...WOW! Those minis teamed with oversized shirts and small cropped jumpers inspired me to visit Tammy Girl and rip-off her exact same outfit!!!

'Don't Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead'
Me and my sisters probably wore out our home recorded version of this. Her french plaits are so SS12, the shoulder pads, the velvet and chignons. Perfect example of fashions coming back around! Talk about a style inspiration...move over Kate Moss.

'Mean Girls'
The modern day 'Clueless', the group that everyone wanted to be a part of in High School. So many films all telling the same story, none fail to have the same effect! The outfits, the hair...damn, i still want to be the cool kid now!

Ahhh the devil really does wear Prada, and Miu Miu, Balenciaga, Valentino...the list is endless. Never have i wanted a girls wardrobe so much. The ultimate fashion film, to die for...well, maybe it runs a close second to this...

Molly Ringwald.
'Pretty In Pink'
The film i daren't watch through, rewind (how 80's) and watch again. the thought of tiring of it slightly scares me. Her style is effortlessly cool, a girl seriousy after my own heart. She has it all!

And last but not least by any stretch is this little beaut! She will forever remain the symbol of not only pure unadulterated sex, but of a real woman, what all women should aspire to be like, look like...forget this size zero malarky!

She was the icon of an entire moment in time, beauty personified...

Marilyn Monroe (and not forgetting Jane Russell!)
'Gentleman Prefer Blondes'
One of my favourite Christmas presents this year was my Monroe calendar.

Every photo is sheer brilliance, and just so happens will be my next tattoo. Excited much??!!! Oh i think so!!!Xxx

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