Monday, 9 January 2012

Let The Countdown Commence...

And yet again, another week has passed and i haven't been in your lives. I can only apologise so many times before you start to tire of these 'sorrys!' What can i do to possibly make up for it??! Tell you that fashion week countdown is on??! Six whole weeks i do believe...and i even have a planner of events!!!!! (There are some perks to working and living in the capital.) I will be sure to collect this from work on the moro and give you the lowdown on the festivities. If it wasn't so late i would be getting ridiculously hyper about it. However, four days back in the Shire has truly taken it out of me. New year, new hair (obvs!), shopping trips, nights out at The Dalesway Hotel, champers, Lady Gaga, Hairspray, crabs (of the gym variety!), leapfrogs, Rhianna, jagerbombs...too many to add! The perfect weekend was truly had by all. And so on this note i have to bid you farewell for the evening. I just thought that i should drop in and say hi-hello!!

Have a fantastic eve and an even more fantastic-er Tuesday people!!!Xxx

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