Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Moving On Up...

I don't know one person who enjoys moving house. It's just a massive pain in the obvious. Even though i have a few weeks to go, time always moves too fast so i'm currently trying to motivate myself into starting early! No one likes a procrastinator afterall!! However, the only thing i have motivation for today is shopping and enjoying wine times with the bezzie. Gotta love a payday millionaire, plus we never get the same day off so this is a somewhat rarity. I feel that we must make the most of our time together. So watch out Portobello, ima coming. Midday to evening pub crawl (i've grown out of bars!!!) is the way forward and will most definitely become a tradition.

Payday couldn't have actually landed on a better day. I just so happened to peruse net-a-porter.com earlier this morn and saw that Karl has dropped off another boat load of stock and i simply must own a piece. It's sheer effin amazingness. Honestly, i know i say this alot but the fashion this season has got to be one of my faves!!

Agent Provocateur
(Imagine the tan lines you would be left with but imagine the impact this would make by the pool! FIT!!!)
Aminaka Wilmont.
Maison Martin Margiela.
Cutler and Gross.
Markus Lupfer.
Emilio Pucci.

And the absoulte ultimate in shoes. Metallic, spikes, the 'to-die-for' red soles...

Mr. Louboutin does us proud!

All hail SS12. It is going to be a good one!!!Xxx

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