Friday, 13 January 2012

Perfect In Pink...

You know you're getting old when you get more excited over the prospect of buying a sofa than the latest pair of Louboutins. Maybe its due to the fact that i am nearing the big 3-0, my siblings are all married with their own homes, husbands, children (the latter being much of the same thing!!) so i feel it's just natural order of things for me to head down the same avenue. OR maybe it's just due to the fact that this sofa is PINK!!!!! Yes, you heard me right, a pink sofa. From the moment my eyes were drawn to this i knew that i had to own it

I don't even need to explain this in any way! It speaks for itself and is going to look amazing in my new flat! I know that i have never been much of a girly-girl but i think just like Dylan said 'times they are a changin' ALOT! Team with this some choice cushions, my pretty crockery set that i fell in love with instantly and you have the most perfect lounge and kitchen! Just the bedroom to tackle, hmmm, i wonder what colour shall go in there...??!!!

All this home buying calls for something new for myself surely??! Admittedly one needs to purchase some more, not for me, for baby girl Hillyard! The Vogue's and Elle's in my life shall be neatly displayed in a magazine hanger on the wall, pride of place in the perfect position! Marilyn somewhere nearby. Ahh, it is all coming together nicely! The excitement nicely distracts me from heading into Topshop these days. I think i will draw this process out! I like the new me!!!Xxx

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