Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Adieu, Adieu...

So as the Harvey Nichols sale draws to a close the discounts just keep getting bigger and better. What with last seasons now at an almighty 90% WOW!!!!! you can really grab yourself a bargain. And to go with that some of the 60%ers are wininging their way down to 70%, could you seriously ask for anything more??!!! Hell no i reckon!

So get yourself down there and i will think of you all piling into my department whilst i am in the Shire meeting my gorgeous little Mia Rose petal! Ahh, i am so excited that the load of tears has made its way up from the measly four times to a more round figure nearing ten! Yesssss! That's the way we like it. Purchases have had to be made to take the edge off and impromptu nights out were a given really! So i bid thee all farewell, yet again! And when i return i will have tales of babies, fashion weeks well underway, hot models, babies, babies and more babies. I tell you something, the next time a member of my family is in labour IT WILL BE ME!!!...something to think about at least!

Have a fabulous week you wonderful set of fashionistas!!!Xxx

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