Sunday, 1 January 2012

'What I Wore Today...'

New Years Eve not only expects a new outfit, but it demands it! Now what with working all Christmas and New Year, one hasn't really had time to shop. And to be quite honest, when you spend all day in one store the thought of fighting your way through the crowds to peruse another stores wears is ever so slightly depressing!!!

I happened upon my chosen attire when searching for Christmas presents only last week. My eyes were caught by the sequins and i was determined to wear anything but black!!! I wanted something simple, understated, yet chic. And you can never go wrong with sequins in my book!

So off i set on my lunch break on the eve of New Year, down Brompton Road, all the way to Zara. I walked to the exact spot where i had first laid eyes on said number, picked it up and with no hesitation carried it straight to the till. Within a couple of minutes my usual hard task of what to wear was whisked away...

Zara. Currently on sale at £29.99.

I actually chose to wear it back to front. It has a small v-neck and i can't really work with that cut. I don't really do any amount of cleavage, not very becoming! It feels amazing on and just hangs so simply. With pockets for that dress-down casual look, the glitz and glamour of the style just makes it so versatile. With my signature Chanel (bag and scent!) leather-sleeved blazer, curls, gloss, platforms and opaques, i was good to go!!!!!

A night of wine, sparkly stuff and fireworks really made it a New Years to remember!

Happy 2012 Everyone. Chin chin!!!Xxx

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