Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Oh, Dior...

If it wasn't enough reading rumours on Pilati and Simons taking the helm at the house of Dior, we now have another thrown in to the mix...

Christopher Kane.

Will he be the truth behind all these rumours??!

The truth will out!!!Xxx

Tell The World She's Coming Home...

So i briefly mentioned last night that Jil Sander was our latest homecomer! It has been leaked that she is set to make a return to her eponymous label after leaving way back in 2004. Since then Sander has been appointed creative director for Uniqlo, this being where she remained until June 2011.

Sander said of her comeback 'I am confident that this is the time for modern sophistication, for attravtive, wearable fashion which is true to the new century.' And who can argue with that??! Surely what every woman seeks in her wardrobe. Understated elegance, uber-chic with a hint of sexiness. Sander will most definitely deliver.

Founded in 1973, it will be the third time Sander will have worked for the label. Now at the wise age of 63 she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to take the brand from strength to strength...

...Welcome home Ms. Sander.

One shall be awaiting your arrival!!!Xxx

I Believe...


Summer Lovin'...

Holiday days from work really are the best, even better when you are enjoying seventeen of the little bad boys. Time with the fam, time with the bezzies and you gotta love a payday millionaire!!! I have gotten out of the habit of shopping over recent months, spending much of my time in black and going to and from work has mean't visits to shops have been limited. This is not such a bad thing, my bank balance has loved it and i have grabbed bargains left over from the long-forgotten January sales. Last season or this season , i care not! My latest purchases are to be worn ALL the time! My newest loves i do believe. Plus what with me becoming all domesticated and spending my hard-earned on homey-things, clothes have been put on the back burner. I never thought i could get so much gratification form buying towels and duvet sets and canvasses for the walls (all hail Marilyn!) but there comes a time when a bit of beautifying has to be done. So what with the new hair n all, clothes just had to be next on the agenda!

High-street shops are definitely the way forward, not only are the prices totally affordable but alot of the designs are just re-worked pieces straight off the catwalk! Zara for example is all over the tropical look at the mo. Pick up a sheer blouse for £30 opposed to the million quid net-a-porter would be asking...

Totes amaze!
Definitely high up on the purchasing list. Worn here with shorts, or tucked into a pencil skirt, out over skinnies. One to be worn with anything, to any occasion! Very Katrantzou!

Coloured jeans and chinos seem to be decking H&M windows all over. Spring is most definitely in the air. Donning my orange jeans yesterday i was all over getting ready for the warmer weather, longing for the days driving topless (on the car obvs!) sunglasses on, merely a sleeveless tee for cover up...ahhh, so long winter, summer-where art thou??!

Ranging from approx. £9.99 - £19.99 they are an absolute bargain. Slightly better than the Topshop replica (although i do like the fact they have done a different colour turn-up) and ridiculously cheaper than the J-Brands. Plus if you're not sure that coloured legs are the way forward, well they have hardly broken the bank balance at that price!

I'm still in love with the teddy-boy look from Topshop a few months back and managed to pick up one of the coats today. Yes i know i'm all ready to embrace summer, but i'm not a 'get all your flesh out as soon as the sun shines' kinda girl. I still like my over-sized mans coat. Stella McCartney does it every season so i am totally backing her in this one! And its navy - BONUS!!!!!

Love at first sight?! I was a firm believer when i saw this hanging there. Who needs a man when you have things like this is in your life??! Completely tired of my leather-sleeved blazer so this is a nice alternative. And teamed with these (can't quite decide which colour!!!)...

...Well, I am in clothing heaven! Roll on my weekend out!!!

I think it's a well-known fact that high-street pieces are imitations of the designer labels. But this is fashion afterall, it has to be affordable and accessible to those without the massive income! As a designer it must be either flattering or mortifying to see cheap versions of your own hardwork hanging in various stores. Oh gosh, just the thought of someone ripping off my blog, my hardwork, would probably reduce me to anger (and undoubtedly tears...this is me afterall)...Xxx

Monday, 27 February 2012

YSL A-Go-Go...

Must be the month of comings and goings in the fashion world. Jil Sander's coming home (a separate post for another time i feel!) meanwhile Stefano Pilati has announced he is to leave the house of YSL!!! Headline news surely??! (Most probably amidst rumours of him heading for Dior maybe??! We musn't jump to conclusions!)

Anyhow, a bit of background information for you! Pilati joined as design director in 2000, having previously enjoyed stints with the likes of Giorgio Armani, Prada and Miu Miu. His final collection for YSL will be the AW12/13, shown on March 5th. Surely it will be full of emotion and frenzy, just like any fashion show should be! His successor is rumoured to be Hedi Slimane, the ex-designer of Dior Homme...who has also been linked to Dior once more. Oooh its just one big viscious circle!

One things for sure, Pilatti will definitely be missed...


You Shall Go To The Ball...

And so as the award month draws to a close it most definitely goes out with a bang! Culminating in the grandest party of all...the Oscars. Now these are notorious for some serious wardrobe malfunctions in the past. The eyes of the fashion world are everywhere scrutinising every man, woman, outfit...just everything. But we are not here to dwell on the fashion faux pas gone by but to celebrate the beauties that floated down the red carpet only a few short hours ago. And boy is beauty the right word, they make me want to hibernate for a shortwhile and cry myself into some sad state. Here's just a small selection from the biggest ball of all...

Michelle Williams wowed the crowds in Louis Vuitton.

Natalie Portman. Stunning as ever in vintage Dior.

Emma Stone sizzled in Giambattista Valli.

Claire Danes must have ruffled some feathers in this Valentino number.

Gwyneth Paltrow. Effortlessly chic in Tom Ford.

Milla Jovovich dazzled in Elie Saab.

Cameron Diaz. A true beauty in Victoria Beckham.

And the belle of the ball, dressed to kill in Lanvin and carried away the Best Actress Award...definitely a night to remember! All hail Meryl Streep...

Simply amazing.
Simply Oscar style.


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Que Sera Sera...

A hungover morning with my friends always leads us to setting the world to rights, confessions, secrets ousted...one of us is bound to shed a few tears!!! Anyone who knows me will be well aware that i am a cryer, click your fingers ask me to cry and i'm there! However, i passed the baton on to my friend today and instead we were handing her the tissues. Then a sudden realisation hit, words unsaid for five years hung in the air and tears came a-calling.

No one can take charge of emotion and no one can ever predict a reaction. All you can do is try and understand it. For a long time i have held back and never really given my all to anyone, other than to those you know will never let you down. But then people come along and throw this into complete disarray. Most unfortunate and most unexpected.

I have learn't that trying to fight things is completely impossible, the whole point in life is to move forward, learn from your experiences and grow as a result! And London for me was where i grew the most. I learned how to deal with situations and how to let go. One of the hardest things i had to do by far.

I used to be one of these that didn't live a life, just a mere existence. Going from day to day and not really knowing how you're getting there, living and breathing your job and not having time (or indeed making time!) for people who could potentially enhance your life. Even i realised that this wasn't what i wanted even though letting people in can be hard. Waiting for the hurt, waiting for the end is pointless. Enjoying every moment is the key to it and making the most of every person and every opportunity. Sometimes people come along and catch you off guard. Falling for someone wasn't something i had forseen and not something i would change either, every moment and situation makes you who you are! Once upon a time i would have reacted to this completely differently, but life is uncertain and all you can do is take it in your stride.

So i dried the tears, said those fateful words aloud and recalled my new mantra 'Everything happens for a reason!' Just as life is uncertain, so is love, so is where you may find yourself in a months time, a years time. All you can do is learn to live life in the best way, learn from your mistakes and make the most of every person, opportunity and experience. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet, if you don't at least try then you'll never know...!!!Xxx

Mrs. Miuccia Presents...

'Tis true to say that Prada pretty much rules the roost over all the fashion houses. Most definitely sets the trends for every season and then sits back and watches as all the others replicate their look. AW12 is already firmly the black season. And if black is not for you then you can quite easily adorn your body in mosaic prints and clashing colours! Ahh perfect!

Miuccia's show was definitely not one to miss. The collection is nothing short of amazing. Trouser suits a-plenty in orange, blue, purple and black and white print. Belted jackets (the only way to wear a jacket next season!) worn long and covering the hips, trousers turned up showing off a bit of ankle but more importantly their signature Mary-Jane's. Handbags go form being boxy and oversized to miniscule almost iPhone sized. Long sleeveless coats are worn open over A-line wrap skirts. Vests are to be worn high (only for the uber-confident then??!), with tailored bomber jackets and splashes of colour. Yes indeed black rules all but fuschia and orange ensembles were also caught sashaying down the catwalk! This collection is as much about the presence of colour as the lack of it!!

The hair was definitely the highlight for me. The models donned long dip-dyed hair extensions (yesssss!), colours went from blone to purple, black to grey, brown to grey and blonde to black. A trend i have followed for the past couple of years now and one that is definitely not going anywhere!

This fashion house IS a cult phenomenon!!!Xxx

Thursday, 23 February 2012



Silver Screen Siren...

My all time Hollywood icon in pictures (and dresses) in one place for all to see. Sounds like actual heaven to me! March 9th will mark the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's untimely and tragic death. And so in her honour there will be an exhibition showcasing never-seen-before photographs and costumes worn by the silver screen star herself!!!

Photographs of Monroe as a child will be on show along with shots of her attending film premieres, learning lines and many more. A trip back to the Southern quarter will definitely be on the cards. (Any excuse!!!)

March 9th - May 23rd.
Getty Images Gallery,
46 Eastcastle St,
W1W 8DX.


It's A Man's World...

Oh how i wish to have been a guest at the GQ party. If only to get a glimpse of the newly single David Gandy and seduce him with my sultry glare. (Not that i have any idea what this is, but im sure i could have perfected something on the way over!)

So as the Menswear day got underway so too did the shindig at the Westbury Hotel. The aforementioned uber-hottie was there accompanied by the likes of Alex James (my FAVE Blur man!), One Direction's Harry Styles (?!) and Tinie Tempah. Late in to the eve Kate Moss arrived on the arm of Jamie Hince (swoon), joined by Rihanna, Agyness Deyn (two of my lady crushes) and Jamie Winstone.

There was a whole lotta shows to get through as i have just been witness to! JW Anderson with boxy shapes and cockerel prints, topped off with a rather questionable 60s do. Martine Rose joined in the 'hair-off' with different coloured wigs on each model, teamed with slouchy attire. Christopher Shannon stuck with his cool urban sportswear. Topman went to the complete opposite end of the scale with what can only be described as 'gothic luxe'. Velvet jackets and furry coats ruled the catwalk!!

JW Anderson.
Christopher Shannon.

There was so much more to report but after a day of colouring hair and emptying bags and suitcases, i am more than physically and mentally drained. My girlie weekend is only a few days away and i NEED it! So just to finish off with my small (absolutely massive) loves of the week...

Kate and Ri-Ri.

David Gandy.

Ahhhhh, just because i can! (Definitely THEEE MOST beautiful man...other than Johnny Depp...obvs!!!)


Gucci AW12...

Frida Giannini never disappoints. As the creative director for Gucci showcased her AW12 collection she referred to it as 'modern day romanticism' and she fully hit the nail on the head. Reminiscent of a Tim Burton film, it is romantic and dark minus the sinister aspect that he loves to capture. The light was overtly dim, with barely enough light to even see the girls. With a plum carpeted catwalk...this was definitely not for the faint-hearted.

The collection combines Gucci's signature moneyed attitude with hard military lines. Featured were flat riding boots, wide cut cropped jackets with gold buttons. Velvet smoking jackets were a-plenty accompanied by chiffon and lace blouses and long skirts split right up the back!!

The colour palette was mainly black with feathers playing a lead role. These had that inky almost petrol glow-purple, burgundy, navy, olive brown. These tones nicely broke up the black that adorned the models bodies. Still giving us that seventies vibe, there were also genie pants and billowing chiffon dresses, tunics, simple heels and evening gowns in the one and only silk, silk, silk!

Add to this the simplisitic hair; two twisted strands either side of the forehead. Pure innocence.

Catwalk perfection!!!Xxx

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I'll Be Back...

Well i have been most lazy this fashion week! Not one single solitary post with regards to the goings on! Inbetween moving cities, interviews, dining with the fam and getting ridiculously broody at 'One Born Every Minute', well i just haven't had time to breathe. My room still looks as though a bomb has hit it and with this i have every intention of sorting it on the moro, followed up with a tonne of posts on everything fashion week related. Oh yes i will be back with an almighty bang. At this very moment i am sat reading the big fashion issue of Grazia...not my normal choice but the selection of fashion magazines in the Bridge is somewhat questionable...much like the fashion itself. Apparently it's uncalled of for someone to visit a play-gym in six inch heels (with added platform!!!) and a studded vintage leather and turned-up jeans. I actually quite liked the looks from the Ugg clad mothers in there to be quite honest!

Anyhow, i already have a string of posts to add tomorrow. How unfortunate that i chose to leave London in fashions most crucial week!!! To be fair this small factor bears no significance on my blog and the fact that fashion IS my life. I make it happen no matter what!

Time for beauty sleep, these bags won't clear themselves...!!!Xxx

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

It's A Celebration...

What with moving and outings and drinking (fake) champagne I forgot the milestone I have reached. Not only six months living in London but my blog has now been up and running for a WHOLE year. As if I forgot to post anything last night, but then yet another leaving do beckoned and so I was Brixton bound! So to all you lovely loyal readers out there a million thank you's for visiting and hopefully enjoying! I do try to keep you entertained with my tales of the world. A right regular little Carrie Bradshaw I am, now just to get the wardrobe!

I hope you all continue to visit from time to time! Here's to the next year. Who knows what may happen...


Monday, 20 February 2012

Never Say Goodbye...

Beginnings are scary, goodbyes are usually sad. But it's the bit in the middle that makes it all worthwhile...

To all the people who have come into my life over the last six months, you entered for a reason and had the most amazing effect on me. Memories that will never be forgotten and toe-tapping fun that even Fred Astaire would be proud of.

Dancing in Venn, kissing men in kilts, hanging 600ft. above water, drinking champagne from the bottle whilst laid on the beach...kissing girls and liking it (had to get that one in there) To the most amazing best friend a girl could ever wish for. Never failed me and always stuck by my side through thick and thin. You know who you are.

My ginger twin. Words fail me. Bar Soho will will miss their favourite customers and the Welsh men will spend their lives trying to re-create that night. You will find that strength to move on from unwanted memories...you have already done the biggest part.

My DVF lover. What can i say. You have become a best friend. Our lunches, our drunken chats...COME BACK TO MINE!!!!! You are amazing.

Looking over Tower Bridge (by night) and wanting to kiss the hopeless romantic...the perfect last night in London. All was said in the tears.

Goodbye means it's forever (and to be fair i'm probably going to be back down in about two weeks) So...until next time??!

Amazing times.
Amazing people.

A million thank you's to all. xxx

Saturday, 18 February 2012



Mourning Has Broken...

For anyone who knows me, be it via blog or actual real life, will know that i have a small addiciton to magazines. Housing a small (massive) selection up Norf and the equivalent down here with me they really do take their toll on your back when moving every six months (like this little gypsy seems to enjoy doing!) So not to digress like normal. I have a magazine obsession, yes??! Oh YESSSSS! Sooo, imagine my horror when today i packed up the car...and they wouldn't fit in (horror film style scream would be put in place here!!!)
My clothes were enough to dress a small country and my general belongings could easily warrant opening up a new department store. I am therefore wearing black for the next two days in mourning (ok, i actually have to wear it for work, but how apt it will be!) Tuesday morning will be more than difficult having to board that train knowing my beloved life in paper will be left behind...(quiet sobs ensue)...

Vogue, Wonderland, Company, Harpers Bazaar, AnOther, Elle, Stylist...oh the list goes on and on...and on! I bid you a fond farewell in the hope that we may meet again...


Pete X The Kooples...

I didn't actually think The Kooples could get any better. Yes you may see these 'couples' adorning sides of buses everywhere, billboards every 100 metres blah, blah, blah! But their understated coolness does NOT go unnoticed. And they fully topped the heights of cooldom by joining forces with THISSSSS...

Doherty is said to have taken inspiration from the streets of Paris' Saint-Germain-des-Paris and the style of Victorian London with the aim of the collection bridging that Brit-Parisian style divide. The lean silhouette with "dandy-chic" separates and military style outerwear. A far cry from his earlier rise to fame for ALL the wrong reasons!!! Yes the former Libertine frontman has had a major career overhaul, adding new strings to his already artistic bow!!!

Pete Doherty...i heart you!!!Xxx

Friday, 17 February 2012

An Affair To Remember...

Six months.
A Christmas gone.
New friends.
Old Friends.
Special friends...

...Looks like it's time to move on! (My affair with London did have to end at some point!) And when i come back i will meet you at the top of the...oh no, we're not actually in the film!!! So much has happened and so many stories to tell. Yet there's so much i want to keep only for me. Can moving away really change you that much?! Well you will have to try it to truly see.

In the truth of it all, i'm not returning as a different person, as that is virtually impossible. No, i am returning as the better version of me. New mind. New thoughts. New memories. Having met so many people and creating lasting friendships, my love for London will last a lifetime.

Typically i met a true "Scenster" (an apt name aswell!) ten days before departure. Do you ever get that feeling that you were just mean't to meet certain people at an exact moment in time??! I am a massive believer in things happening for a reason this includes people either entering or leaving your life. Up until recently i was still struggling with small oddities in my head. Things i had most definitely dealt with but not fully come to terms with. Now as many know, women certainly like to talk, and i am no exception. Talking gives you clarity and as a result, closure.

It's not often in life that you meet people who have suffered the exact same pain as you. However, through some weird coincidence i met this person at what i believe the most opportune moment in time. Almost like that holiday romance in your teenage years. The one you tell everything to. The one you text day and night. The one who makes you feel like that teenager again. Knowing that things will come to an end, you tell all to this person. No holding back and with that, giving the best version of yourself. A blank canvas. Vulnerable. Stark. However you seem to walk away feeling refreshed, special and well,...beautiful! To this person i will remain forever grateful that you came along making me realise that life is for living. And that people may go through bad times, it's inevitable. But it's what you take from it that counts. The way you learn, strengthen and begin to challenge and change everything around you.

Realising that you are worth all the shit, the pain and indeed the good times can be a most liberating moment in one's life. And even if i should never come across this person again, he will remain that one guy who never judged me, never questioned me, but lead me to believe that i can do anything.

An Affair To Remember?! Oh i think so. To my last ten days in London...i thank you. Always.xxx

Front Row Fun...

New York Fashion Week. Fall 2012.