Friday, 17 February 2012

An Affair To Remember...

Six months.
A Christmas gone.
New friends.
Old Friends.
Special friends...

...Looks like it's time to move on! (My affair with London did have to end at some point!) And when i come back i will meet you at the top of the...oh no, we're not actually in the film!!! So much has happened and so many stories to tell. Yet there's so much i want to keep only for me. Can moving away really change you that much?! Well you will have to try it to truly see.

In the truth of it all, i'm not returning as a different person, as that is virtually impossible. No, i am returning as the better version of me. New mind. New thoughts. New memories. Having met so many people and creating lasting friendships, my love for London will last a lifetime.

Typically i met a true "Scenster" (an apt name aswell!) ten days before departure. Do you ever get that feeling that you were just mean't to meet certain people at an exact moment in time??! I am a massive believer in things happening for a reason this includes people either entering or leaving your life. Up until recently i was still struggling with small oddities in my head. Things i had most definitely dealt with but not fully come to terms with. Now as many know, women certainly like to talk, and i am no exception. Talking gives you clarity and as a result, closure.

It's not often in life that you meet people who have suffered the exact same pain as you. However, through some weird coincidence i met this person at what i believe the most opportune moment in time. Almost like that holiday romance in your teenage years. The one you tell everything to. The one you text day and night. The one who makes you feel like that teenager again. Knowing that things will come to an end, you tell all to this person. No holding back and with that, giving the best version of yourself. A blank canvas. Vulnerable. Stark. However you seem to walk away feeling refreshed, special and well,...beautiful! To this person i will remain forever grateful that you came along making me realise that life is for living. And that people may go through bad times, it's inevitable. But it's what you take from it that counts. The way you learn, strengthen and begin to challenge and change everything around you.

Realising that you are worth all the shit, the pain and indeed the good times can be a most liberating moment in one's life. And even if i should never come across this person again, he will remain that one guy who never judged me, never questioned me, but lead me to believe that i can do anything.

An Affair To Remember?! Oh i think so. To my last ten days in London...i thank you.

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