Thursday, 2 February 2012

And The Winner Is...

I understand that i am pretty late in reporting this news (and a million others will have got there before me!!) but my problem is that i have sooo much to write i really need to learn to prioritise posts! This actually came out a good few days ago and is somewhat headline news, so slapped wrists for me i think. However, better to be late than never ( i am pretty sure that stands for this situation aswell!!)

(Drumroll please)

And so the winner of this years BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund is...Jonathan Saunders. I had everything that could be possibly crossed, crossed for him. He is one worthy winner and his collections reflect this to the max. The award helps to enhance the reputation of London's rising stars so Saunders now walks away with £200,000 and access to director level mentors right across the fashion industry. Jealous much??! Well you should be, as these people will put Jonathan's dreams into actions and help achieve his ultimate goal! Wowzer!

Jonathan Saunders.
Absolutely amaze.

It only takes a look back through his collections to see why he won and fully deserved this prestigious award! Massive congratulations!!!


P.S. Totally check out our Ms. Wintour rocking a bit of Saunders!!!

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