Thursday, 9 February 2012

Dan In The Front Row...

'Tis true to say that these arty types are all so alike its untrue. All express themselves through some other form, be it fashion, art, music, architecture, interiors. Now i can't profess to be a master of any of these...other than fashion, but that goes without saying. But what i can help you with is the MUSIC!!

Now, who deosn't want to know the newbies on the scene and be the front row at every upcoming gig??! Exactly. Every single one of us! Everyone wants to know that they're a head of the game, one step in front of everyone else bragging about the latest tune to listen to (oh god i could sound like a Grandma here! The last time i owned a music device it think it was a walkman. Yes, of the tape variety!) the coolest band playing the best venues. Sound familiar??! Then this is the guy for you...

(I really must learn how to add links more effectively!!!)

Seen at the best gigs around town, reviewing the freshest music and the latest bands. You know of someone dying to get noticed on the music scene?! Then get in touch...he is sure to be there with bells on!


(I have even made it easy for you, click on the title of the post and it takes you right there! What are you waiting for??!)

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