Monday, 13 February 2012

Easy V She's A Real Lady...

The Spice Girl who clearly never learned to smile!
The duet with Dane Bowers (definitely a blip in the career!!!)
The incredibly HOT husband (who loves to get his kit off in H&M window!)
The unsung UK fashion hero.

Yes, who would have thought it? Posh Spice gone even posher with her clothing line strutting its sexy little stuff down the catwalk at New York Fashion Week. Now VB was always my fave Spice, however in recent years i did start to doubt her as this fashion icon/role model. Having suffered eating disorders myself i refuse to believe that intelligent people hold her up to be the woman we should all aspire to. Having said this, we are only here to talk about fashion and her ready-to-wear line is to die for!!! And i have been lucky enough to see it first hand. Working at Harvey Nichols certainly does have it's perks, we have had the range in for a couple of weeks and VB herself is coming to launch it in just a few days. I am more than pleased that this is before my leaving date!!!

With a mixture of seriously figure-hugging midi dresses and sculpted cocoon coats, this collection far from disappoints! Everything is accessorised with the fabric of the season, patent leather! Yesssss! This is like music to my ears! The colour palette is also pretty much perfect, with the use of nudes, greys and the token black. Add to that splashes of pillar-box red, just to really bring out the overt sexuality of the pieces.

And just to top it all off, our VB also launched her new handbag range aptly named Harper after her little daughter. Awww that did tug at the heart strings.

So if you want a glimpse of the woman herself then i would say Knightsbridge is the place to be, and even if you are slightly intrigued in the line get yourself in and check it out. It really is zig-a-zig-ahhhhh!!!Xxx

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