Friday, 3 February 2012

H&M Dot Com...

So, just out shopping yesterday, like you do! I ventured to Topshop knowing that i would want a million things in there only to be very disappointed! There was absolutely nothing that i 100% needed, as in HAD to have, must own right away. You know the feeling. When your heart flips and then sinks at the thought of not taking something to the till to start a perfect relationship with it. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada. I walked out of the shop majorly disheartened and took a very morose walk to Covent Garden. The ice in the air was actually very refreshing and for a moment i longed to carry on living the London life. Then a bunch of arrogant god-knows-whats walked into me and i revelled in the thought of returning to the Norf. (Apologies to those fellow London-livers who aren't arrogant but you are definitely a minority!)

Anywho. Less of the sidetracking. I thus resorted to my other fave high-street store, H&M. I first visited them back in Germany in 1996 on a school trip! Completely fell in love and our love has remained ever since (i do have a lot of love to give lately. Perhaps my luck is changing??!) Admittedly, sometimes the quality is far from great but on the other hand some pieces i have had for years and they still have maximum wearability. I just love the place. End of. It captures every trend going at the most reasonable prices. A pair of wedges for twenty quid??! Well i am never one to turn my nose up at that. Bargain. Less of the chat and more of the pictures i think. Whatever your look. Whatever your mood. There is something for everyone (and everything for me! Muahahaha!)

Loving the neon this season??! Well work it like Wang in this vest for only £9.99! Wow! And if like me you spend the majority of your time in hot-pants (which draws me to another post at a later what age ahould one stop practicing this particular look??! 28 and still working the hotpant??! Answers on a postcard please!) So get these little beauties for only 15 nicker. Can't grumble!

Now careful not to do neon overkill. Car crash couture is not cool this season. Maybe team these with your fave leather edged leggings??! Yes i thought so, and at only £20 there a must-have if ever i saw one!

Loving Givenchy but don't have the bank balance to match??! Then here you go, a little Hawaiian-esque floral number at a small £30. Definitely on my hit-list!

Always a massive fan of the coloured jean. I in fact was donning my orange numbers only a couple of days ago. Perfection. Own these for only £14.99.

Not sure of the wide-brimmed hat look, is it really for you??! Are they totally last season??! Well give this a little try instead. I tried it. I loved it. Also available in blue of the cobalt variety, i believe orange (like the chocolate??!) and neon greeny slash yellowy combo. Fittt every which way. Only £7.99, and you will totally perfect the Blossom look or even better the Denise form The Cosby Show. When i wear a hat i ALWAYS want to look like her (minus the dreadlocks of course!)

For that sporty spice amongst us wanting to channel the Isabel Marant look. Get this trainer style wedge for a whole £20. Alot plainer than the Marants i know but a snip of their price and still as effin cool. What are you waiting for??!

Just a few accessories to throw into the mix. The bracelets look so much nicer in the flesh and at £7.99 you can't really complain! ALL over H&M jewellery. And the glasses (£5.99!) reminded me of my youth. All hail John Lennon. The rounded gigs are back. Like music to my ears!!!

Just your basic black dress that H&M always like to do...and then produce in every colour. But lets face it, you can never go wrong with a little black number! The zip juct completes it!!! All for a whole £12.99. They might aswell just give it away!

And finally just a couple of pairs of shoes for you. The stacked almost sneaker (also available in a bluey-purpley!). Not brave enough to go for the full on beetle-crusher??! Get these for £12.99 and see how it goes before you make the leap! It will be totally worth it. And then the open wedge! (£19.99) Leopard print. Bluey-purpley. Black. They're all there. It's like a Benetton advert!!!

Oh and of course i can't forget these. I must get asked a million times a day where i get mine from. So, leather-edged leggings, £14.99...

Wear with anything.
To any occasion.
Get yourself there.

Enjoy my ramblings people. I am in a very chatty mood today (the fact that i am going home tonight is probably the major factor in this!!!) So for a few days i shall be silent (i can hear the woops of joy come from so many!)

Have an amazing weekend people. Be merry. Stay happy!!!Xxx

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