Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I'll Be Back...

Well i have been most lazy this fashion week! Not one single solitary post with regards to the goings on! Inbetween moving cities, interviews, dining with the fam and getting ridiculously broody at 'One Born Every Minute', well i just haven't had time to breathe. My room still looks as though a bomb has hit it and with this i have every intention of sorting it on the moro, followed up with a tonne of posts on everything fashion week related. Oh yes i will be back with an almighty bang. At this very moment i am sat reading the big fashion issue of Grazia...not my normal choice but the selection of fashion magazines in the Bridge is somewhat questionable...much like the fashion itself. Apparently it's uncalled of for someone to visit a play-gym in six inch heels (with added platform!!!) and a studded vintage leather and turned-up jeans. I actually quite liked the looks from the Ugg clad mothers in there to be quite honest!

Anyhow, i already have a string of posts to add tomorrow. How unfortunate that i chose to leave London in fashions most crucial week!!! To be fair this small factor bears no significance on my blog and the fact that fashion IS my life. I make it happen no matter what!

Time for beauty sleep, these bags won't clear themselves...!!!Xxx

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