Thursday, 23 February 2012

It's A Man's World...

Oh how i wish to have been a guest at the GQ party. If only to get a glimpse of the newly single David Gandy and seduce him with my sultry glare. (Not that i have any idea what this is, but im sure i could have perfected something on the way over!)

So as the Menswear day got underway so too did the shindig at the Westbury Hotel. The aforementioned uber-hottie was there accompanied by the likes of Alex James (my FAVE Blur man!), One Direction's Harry Styles (?!) and Tinie Tempah. Late in to the eve Kate Moss arrived on the arm of Jamie Hince (swoon), joined by Rihanna, Agyness Deyn (two of my lady crushes) and Jamie Winstone.

There was a whole lotta shows to get through as i have just been witness to! JW Anderson with boxy shapes and cockerel prints, topped off with a rather questionable 60s do. Martine Rose joined in the 'hair-off' with different coloured wigs on each model, teamed with slouchy attire. Christopher Shannon stuck with his cool urban sportswear. Topman went to the complete opposite end of the scale with what can only be described as 'gothic luxe'. Velvet jackets and furry coats ruled the catwalk!!

JW Anderson.
Christopher Shannon.

There was so much more to report but after a day of colouring hair and emptying bags and suitcases, i am more than physically and mentally drained. My girlie weekend is only a few days away and i NEED it! So just to finish off with my small (absolutely massive) loves of the week...

Kate and Ri-Ri.

David Gandy.

Ahhhhh, just because i can! (Definitely THEEE MOST beautiful man...other than Johnny Depp...obvs!!!)


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