Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Look Of Love...

How fast time flies when you're having fun! It is very hard to believe that almost one whole year has passed since i started my little blog. My obsession. My addiction.

And alas, so the month of love is upon us once more and how much has changed in the year gone by. If one remembers, Valentines month of 2011 wasn't the best i have ever had (never a good month to lose the look of love!) Cupid most certainly met his arch nemesis in me! The most 'Love' i had was brought in the shape of the magazine itself! Ahhh yes, Kate Moss locking lips with another female (slash male!) on the cover (doesn't normally float my bloat like but she was totally mazin!) Having said that, nephew no.5 was born the day after so it's true to say that when one door closes another one most definitely opens. A new babe to smother and a trip to London ensued, so starting off my love affair with the capital itself. New Years for me wasn't much of a changing period, no resolutions and no big hopes to act on. February is my new start, my new door opening, my time of dreams and ambitions to be sought out and made true...(not that i know what these are as of yet!!!) You can buy all the clothes in the world and feel like a million dollars in them, but if you don't believe you look amazing then no one else will! New mantra??! Anyways, enough of the mushy inpsirational posts, i am heading out to celebrate my New Year in my glorious new outfit!!

Happy month of love. Happy everything!!!Xxx

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