Monday, 13 February 2012

Monday, Monday...

All packed up and ready to go. Only one week left and so much to do. I had intended to visit the Tate today but i think this may have to be postponed until big Sis arrives on Saturday. Packing and planning outfits for leaving drinks is going to take up most of the day. So with Whitney blasting out on good old Spotify, bags stacked high up around me...HN champagne bar ain't gonna know whats hit it. I fear that the leaving part hasn't quite hit me properly yet, so as result no eyeliner is being applied. The Amy Winehouse in me will be left at home and the au natural look is coming out to party instead. Apparently Wednesday Addams is my fashion icon, i saw this more of an insult than a compliment but i'll try and work with it!!!

Happy Monday People!!!Xxx