Sunday, 26 February 2012

Mrs. Miuccia Presents...

'Tis true to say that Prada pretty much rules the roost over all the fashion houses. Most definitely sets the trends for every season and then sits back and watches as all the others replicate their look. AW12 is already firmly the black season. And if black is not for you then you can quite easily adorn your body in mosaic prints and clashing colours! Ahh perfect!

Miuccia's show was definitely not one to miss. The collection is nothing short of amazing. Trouser suits a-plenty in orange, blue, purple and black and white print. Belted jackets (the only way to wear a jacket next season!) worn long and covering the hips, trousers turned up showing off a bit of ankle but more importantly their signature Mary-Jane's. Handbags go form being boxy and oversized to miniscule almost iPhone sized. Long sleeveless coats are worn open over A-line wrap skirts. Vests are to be worn high (only for the uber-confident then??!), with tailored bomber jackets and splashes of colour. Yes indeed black rules all but fuschia and orange ensembles were also caught sashaying down the catwalk! This collection is as much about the presence of colour as the lack of it!!

The hair was definitely the highlight for me. The models donned long dip-dyed hair extensions (yesssss!), colours went from blone to purple, black to grey, brown to grey and blonde to black. A trend i have followed for the past couple of years now and one that is definitely not going anywhere!

This fashion house IS a cult phenomenon!!!Xxx

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