Monday, 20 February 2012

Never Say Goodbye...

Beginnings are scary, goodbyes are usually sad. But it's the bit in the middle that makes it all worthwhile...

To all the people who have come into my life over the last six months, you entered for a reason and had the most amazing effect on me. Memories that will never be forgotten and toe-tapping fun that even Fred Astaire would be proud of.

Dancing in Venn, kissing men in kilts, hanging 600ft. above water, drinking champagne from the bottle whilst laid on the beach...kissing girls and liking it (had to get that one in there) To the most amazing best friend a girl could ever wish for. Never failed me and always stuck by my side through thick and thin. You know who you are.

My ginger twin. Words fail me. Bar Soho will will miss their favourite customers and the Welsh men will spend their lives trying to re-create that night. You will find that strength to move on from unwanted have already done the biggest part.

My DVF lover. What can i say. You have become a best friend. Our lunches, our drunken chats...COME BACK TO MINE!!!!! You are amazing.

Looking over Tower Bridge (by night) and wanting to kiss the hopeless romantic...the perfect last night in London. All was said in the tears.

Goodbye means it's forever (and to be fair i'm probably going to be back down in about two weeks) So...until next time??!

Amazing times.
Amazing people.

A million thank you's to all. xxx

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