Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Summer Lovin'...

Holiday days from work really are the best, even better when you are enjoying seventeen of the little bad boys. Time with the fam, time with the bezzies and you gotta love a payday millionaire!!! I have gotten out of the habit of shopping over recent months, spending much of my time in black and going to and from work has mean't visits to shops have been limited. This is not such a bad thing, my bank balance has loved it and i have grabbed bargains left over from the long-forgotten January sales. Last season or this season , i care not! My latest purchases are to be worn ALL the time! My newest loves i do believe. Plus what with me becoming all domesticated and spending my hard-earned on homey-things, clothes have been put on the back burner. I never thought i could get so much gratification form buying towels and duvet sets and canvasses for the walls (all hail Marilyn!) but there comes a time when a bit of beautifying has to be done. So what with the new hair n all, clothes just had to be next on the agenda!

High-street shops are definitely the way forward, not only are the prices totally affordable but alot of the designs are just re-worked pieces straight off the catwalk! Zara for example is all over the tropical look at the mo. Pick up a sheer blouse for £30 opposed to the million quid net-a-porter would be asking...

Totes amaze!
Definitely high up on the purchasing list. Worn here with shorts, or tucked into a pencil skirt, out over skinnies. One to be worn with anything, to any occasion! Very Katrantzou!

Coloured jeans and chinos seem to be decking H&M windows all over. Spring is most definitely in the air. Donning my orange jeans yesterday i was all over getting ready for the warmer weather, longing for the days driving topless (on the car obvs!) sunglasses on, merely a sleeveless tee for cover up...ahhh, so long winter, summer-where art thou??!

Ranging from approx. £9.99 - £19.99 they are an absolute bargain. Slightly better than the Topshop replica (although i do like the fact they have done a different colour turn-up) and ridiculously cheaper than the J-Brands. Plus if you're not sure that coloured legs are the way forward, well they have hardly broken the bank balance at that price!

I'm still in love with the teddy-boy look from Topshop a few months back and managed to pick up one of the coats today. Yes i know i'm all ready to embrace summer, but i'm not a 'get all your flesh out as soon as the sun shines' kinda girl. I still like my over-sized mans coat. Stella McCartney does it every season so i am totally backing her in this one! And its navy - BONUS!!!!!

Love at first sight?! I was a firm believer when i saw this hanging there. Who needs a man when you have things like this is in your life??! Completely tired of my leather-sleeved blazer so this is a nice alternative. And teamed with these (can't quite decide which colour!!!)...

...Well, I am in clothing heaven! Roll on my weekend out!!!

I think it's a well-known fact that high-street pieces are imitations of the designer labels. But this is fashion afterall, it has to be affordable and accessible to those without the massive income! As a designer it must be either flattering or mortifying to see cheap versions of your own hardwork hanging in various stores. Oh gosh, just the thought of someone ripping off my blog, my hardwork, would probably reduce me to anger (and undoubtedly tears...this is me afterall)...Xxx

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