Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tell The World She's Coming Home...

So i briefly mentioned last night that Jil Sander was our latest homecomer! It has been leaked that she is set to make a return to her eponymous label after leaving way back in 2004. Since then Sander has been appointed creative director for Uniqlo, this being where she remained until June 2011.

Sander said of her comeback 'I am confident that this is the time for modern sophistication, for attravtive, wearable fashion which is true to the new century.' And who can argue with that??! Surely what every woman seeks in her wardrobe. Understated elegance, uber-chic with a hint of sexiness. Sander will most definitely deliver.

Founded in 1973, it will be the third time Sander will have worked for the label. Now at the wise age of 63 she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to take the brand from strength to strength...

...Welcome home Ms. Sander.

One shall be awaiting your arrival!!!Xxx

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