Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Do you ever just sit and realise how good life is sometimes??! Not in a smug way of course, as i realise that others and myself included can have those desperate down times! But when you have actively changed your entire world around, met people who have had a positive effect on your life and you have done everything for you...well, only then do you realise how bloody amazing life can be! I felt compelled to share this with you all, not remotely fashion orientated but life is life and no one can argue with that. Having spent so much of mine feeling inferior to so many, blaming the world and his wife for all these misgivings. Then one day you just sit up and realise that none of it matters anymore, clinging on to the past only prevents you from moving into the future and whatsmore, giving hideous people too much air time completely distorts the image of them. To those who know me will know that i speak of my own father, yes unfortunately this is the sad fact of things. However, evey cloud n all that...for waiting patiently back in the Bridge i have my glorious little family. Consisting of mother, sisters, brothers and kiddies...i owe you my life, my entire world.

Right, enough of that soppy shit. Posts on my addiction will follow very soon! Have the most amazing day people!!!Xxx

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