Friday, 30 March 2012

Back In A Tweet...

Due to a computer malfunction I am not able to upload or update for a shortwhile! This saddens me muchly as I am sure you are all aware, my blog is my obsession. So, until next time I bid ye all farewell and hopefully I will be back with you all in no time at all! In the meantime catch me on my latest crush, Twitter!!!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Summer Lovin'...

The temperature is rising (slightly high for your average March!) the drinks are flowing and the summer wardrobe is making a comeback! And i feel we best make the most of it while it lasts! (I have known snow in March and i really don't want that by the weekend!) When one is a lady who lunches, this weather is perfect for those afternoons spent drinking pink wine in a beer garden. But you HAVE to have the wardrobe to match! Winter clothes are now too heavy, browns and blacks are taking their toll and when not matched with some neon bright...well, they really don't leave you feeling much in the way of having that Summer feelin'! This, ladies, is why it's time to hit the shops and loosen those purse strings! And you actually have no reason to say no, with half price sales in most of the high street shops you have nothing to lose. From Topshop to River Island, Etam to...Snob...Err ok, so they may not exist anymore but you get me, yeah??! So i have trawled the shops and their websites alike and tried to come up with some buys to get you through this warm spell...

Miso Feather Maxi Dress
WAS £34.99 NOW £15.
If boho chic is your thang, then you say it no better than with a floaty maxi. Make a daisy chain for your hair and stick some gladiators on your feet and you're all set for a dance in the park!

Lace Dress
WAS £29.99 NOW £7.99.
Girly, pretty and feminine. Baby pink and a touch of lace. Worn with flats or flatforms you're definitely on to a winner with this little number. Be it a BBQ or a date with the girlies, a dead knock-out and will cost you the same as a bottle of wine! How can you possibly resist??!

WAS £14,99 NOW £5.99.
Not so much of a girly-girl but still like to roll with the Sumnmer fun?! This likely pair of shorts aren't only easy on the bank balance, but should the weather take a turn for the worse then the colour makes them totally easy to team with a pair of tights and heels! Best of both worlds!!!

River Island
Bright Orange Stud Skinny
WAS £45 NOW £20

River Island
Light Pink Belted Chinos
WAS £30 NOW £15.
Less is more kinda girl??! Not so leg happy in a pair of shorts??! Then make an impact in a pair of brights! Still rocking in every high-street as well as J-Brand, Paige, Current/ name it, they got it!!! Amazing price. Amazing feel. Ultimate in sex appeal!

River Island
Pink Print Chelsea Girl Pleated Dress
WAS £25 NOW £12.
Almost a take on the paisley print of now. JW Anderson has got it off a tee and now the retro RI has brought it back. Pleated and fresh this is perfect for day or night!!!

Miso Floral Jersey Playsuit
WAS £22.99 NOW £10.
Ten whole pounds!!!!! That needs to be the only reason you buy this surely??! Safer than a dress (certainly in the breeze...!) it's floral, light, airy and pretty! You can't argue with that!!!

River Island
Yellow Belted Mini Skater Skirt
WAS £25 NOW £12.
Team with a simple tee or sleeveless shirt. A skirt like this is so easily adaptable. Wear for smart or casual, totally versatile and the canary yellow is so SS12. Make like Stella and wear with some floral, the whole season in one outfit! You will be fighting them off!!!

Cherry Blossom Elly Dress By Motel
WAS £42 NOW £17.
Night time deluxe surely??! The print, the fabric and the length are all perfect for that cocktail bar with the perfect one! To tease and to please, Motel is the only way to do it!!!

May the early summer reign supreme.

Long live the Sun and all who worship Her!!!Xxx

Monday, 26 March 2012

The Bible...Take 3...

As if there weren't already too many fashion magazines to choose from in the shops these days, there is set to be yet another released. BUT this isn't one to miss out on. Despite the fact it will be produced biannually and will resemble more of a book than a glossy magazine (HEAVEN!) it is written by none other than Carine Roitfeld herself! I mean, does that get any better i hear you ask??! It most certainly doesn't!!!

The former French Vogue editor is all set to fly out to The Big Apple today to prepare for the launch in September! I'm thinking serious rivalry for the September issue of Vogue, only the biggest and best edition all year round!!! What i love even more is that even though Roitfeld's native language is French, the fashion darling is launching the first edition in English. I am totally reserving my copy and counting down the days on ye olde Calendar!

This woman could do no wrong in my eyes. If it's about fashion, i'm all over it! And i am NEVER one to turn down another bible ode to fashion!!!Xxx

Rumour Has It...

So as Barney's New York's vice president resigns, Harvey Nichols rumours break out!!! Amanda Brooks wishes to pursue 'other opportunities in the UK' so is leaving behind one of the most prestigious jobs in fashion. And of course people are bound to speculate her reasons and whereabouts. As it stands, the only high-profile fashion job currently on the market is at the helm of the one and only Harvey Nichols. The head of the buying team, Averyl Oates, recently vacated the position leaving the massive boots behind to be, watch this space i say. Rumours can be mere gossip, but some lead to far more...

...The truth will out!!!Xxx

Sunday, 25 March 2012


If like me you love to change your nail colour more than...oh, let's say...your hair colour (i am obsessed with both!) then here are the latest looks to go for!! Some for the less adventurous and a whole boat load for the artists amongst us...

Uber-chic and subtle beige but with a cheeky burgundy tip! All in the style of our favourite New Yorker, Donna Karan.

Go houndstooth crazy like the tres-whacky guys at House of Holland!!!

Olive green in the perfect military style over at Christian Dior!

MY all-time, absolute, numero uno fave!!! I try and opt for different colours but i am always drawn back to this bright blue. Very Erdem-esque ♥

Probably not ideal adornments for date night but AMAZING all the same! Typical Mugler i'd say! A definite look for Lady Gaga!!!

Stir things up with some Meadham Kirchoff Nail Rock. No drying time. No smudging. Stick-on. File down. Go. Perfect. ♥

Or play it safe with the all subtle greys and nudes, just like Chanel. Perfectly manicured. Perfectly chic.

So many choices and so few days in a week. I would heavily suggest investing in a vat of nail varnish're gonna need it!!!Xxx

Stella X Adidas...

And so it has been revealed. The official Olympics 2012 kit. A collaboration between sporting giant, Adidas and top fashion designer Stella McCartney...

This will be the chosen outfit worn by UK Olympic as well as Paralympic athletes from July 27th until the close of the Games on Augut 12th. In previous years there has been a lot more red in the colouring, however this year McCartney has opted for blue with red only on the collar. having had no experience to date designing for men, this was her first time. Therefore, the designs were made by keeping in mind the individuality of the female as well as the male athletes of the team.

Shanaze Reade, who is the BMX cyclist, praised the Team GB kit in the following manner while talking to BBC Sport, 'Today is the first time we got the kit and it is fabulous in every single sport and we all love it. Instead of having generic sport kit that looks the same as everybody else, we wanted something that stood out, is performance-enhancing and has us being a part of it. Stella McCartney sat down with us and asked us what we wanted and we achieved that.'

Roll on July!!! I'm not remotely sporty in any way, but there is something very patriotic about them being held in God's own! (And i can get even more excited about them due to me not living in London anymore and having my tubes disrupted daily!!! Ahhh bliss)!!!Xxx

Friday, 23 March 2012


Just a few of my favourites!!!Xxx

Everything Changes...

I think there comes a time when you start to re-evaluate many aspects of your life. It's just a matter of course. Everything changes at one point or another, be it by your own making or by someone elses. Life is tedious and no one ever said that it was easy, in fact it's far from easy. Pretty bloody hard at times actually! But there is only one person in charge of the direction your life is to go...and that's you! Only you hold the reins on your destiny and only you can decide what you want out of life! Boredom always hits unfortunately, i think this is inevitable. You get in to routines, become complacent and don't venture out of certain boundaries. Only when you do break those boundaries do you realise that there is more to life, so many opportunities to take a chance on! And that's what life is, a risk alot of the time! Full of chances, of moments put there to see how you react, see if you will grab them and make the most of them! London for me was a complete adventure, one i had to grab with both hands and allow my whole life to be turned around. Not knowing what i was undertaking, how i would come out of the other side or what i would be at the end of it. But if you never try and push yourself you will never find out!
Sometimes you have to make the change to set your life rolling in the way you want. And this isn't just settling, it's approaching things differently and looking at things with a new set of eyes. There comes a time when you realise that you have no choice but to change things. Life is too short and boredom isn't a friend of mine! Whereas my love for fashion will never die and my blog will continue to be my diary of a serious fashionista, unfortuntely my passion for retail is slowly dying. A career change is imminent and my excitement is ever-growing. I am pretty sure it shall raise some eyebrows whereas all i will be raising is a glass. To new opportunuites, new horizons and new beginnings!!!Xxx

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Battle Of The BMI...

Like absolute music to my ears. For years we have seen models shrink from what we deem as the normal size for a woman, 10-12, 12-14, 14-16?? to a supposed "fashionable" double-zero. Neither healthy or flattering. Believe me when i say this, there is nothing good about the latter, but people will never listen. I didn't!!! Magazines certainly don't help the issue of size and weight, the apparent role models within todays society only go against any medical reports written on this topic. For a long while i had to stop buying certain editorials as i found it too hard constantly trying to keep up with the "in" look of the time. The 'waif' as it is commonly known. Glamourised by the likes of Posh Spice, Nicole Richie back in the day, but the one that always stands out in my mind was the picture of Jodie Kidd. 1995. Mrs. Cartwright's English class. The obsession began.

And now finally, the first country in the world to pass a law bannishing models with a 'malnourished' appearance from appearing in campaigns - all hail Israel!!!!!

The models have to now produce a medical report dating back no more than three months, stating their history and BMI. (Body mass index is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women.) If it is lower than 18.5 (clinically underweight) then this is an indication of malnutrition. Normal weight (and this is correct statistics) is between 18.5-24.9. Massive difference. The images then taken of the models will be marked to signify when they have been basically photoshopped to make the model appear thinner! The Council of Fashion Designers of America and the British Fashion Council have made steps to ensure that the well-being of models is monitored and safeguarded.

In Israel 2% of girls aged between 14-18 have a severe eating disorder. This to some will shock and to others will just be a common occurrence which i quite frankly find appauling. This law should be passed in all countries. The girls, women AND men of today are killing themselves to look like 'models' who are also killing themselves. Quite ironic really. A vicious circle that is neverending. But this is one step in the right direction, a step that needs to be copied and fed throughout the world!!!Xxx

Vogue Nederland...

And as if Vogue wasn't already big enough, what with 18 international editions on newsstands and stores globally, they have now unveiled yet another. Vogue Netherlands has debuted it's first front cover and just like all the others, it certainly does not disappoint!

Set to be edited by former Dutch Glamour editor, this debut issue is headlined with 'Number One In The Netherlands' and i am more than sure that this statement will be more than true!!!

Featuring a trio of models, who are also firm favourites of Prada, Chloe and Alexander McQueen, this is set to be the next big fashion must-have!

Fashionistas of the world unite, we have a new kid on the block and it's here to stay!!!Xxx

Monday, 19 March 2012

A Picture Can Paint A Thousand Words...

Perfect Snaps Of Perfect People.

Just because i can!!!Xxx

Yeah Baby She's Got It...

Take a simple pair of Topshop trousers pop them on to Poppy and they are immediately transformed into THIS!!!!!

WOW. A million times over!

A true fashion icon.

Utter perfection.

I wholeheartedly ♥ this girl!!!Xxx

Who Likes Short Shorts??!...

I've always been a fan of shorts- denim, tailored, name it i've worn it! However, i am fully aware that as i'm appraoching 30, shorts are probably not appropriate for someone of my age. I have pondered upon this for sometime and finally realised that i should seriously be giving them up...??! It's just sooooo hard. Afterall, who doesn't like to show off a bit of leg in a pair of seriously short shorts??! I DO!!!!!

Dolce & Gabbana
High-Waisted Cotton-Blend Brocade Shorts.

Embracing the floral vibe this summer??! Then these are simply to-die-for! Teamed with a crop top for the super-brave, you have the Dolce look to a tee!

Alexander Wang
Leather Shorts.

If leather is still your thing then these will easily work with a sheer shirt, blazer, denim shirt, simple vest or grungey look t-shirt. Plain and simple, leather shorts are so wearable, from summer through to winter. Timeless. Investment piece if ever i saw one!

£185 Low-Rise Denim Cut-Off Shorts.
(Also available in pink!)

Ahhh denim hot pants, you actully can't go wrong! Wear on the beach with a bikini or out on the town with your signature leather jacket, tee and wedges! Perfect.

The Boyfriend Printed Low-Rise Denim.

Back along the floral border we have more denim! Dress-up or dress-down these are perfect for that summer BBQ or shopping trip in the city. With those pretty, girly pastel shades you are totally embracing the feel of the season!!!

Motel (ASOS)
High-Waist Hot Pants In Leopard Print.

If the smaller the better is your thing (and you have age on your side) then these are simply amazing! Perhaps slightly more on the knicker front than shorts, you really have to be uber-confident to carry these off! I do believe these next two would take your fancy also...

PU Knicker Short In Floral Print.

Miss. Selfridge
Sequin Knickers.

...Pure sex appeal!!!!!

Cycling Shorts In Neon Lace.
(Also available in orange and green!)

Ideal if you want to add a bit of length to your already short shorts! And ideal if you're a true child of the 80's!!!!!

Miss. Selfridge
PROJECT Aztec Shorts.

Prints are never too far away from the fashion forecast. Perfect price and even more perfect with a clashing top, do it like Katrantzou and take a walk on the wild side!!!

Miss. Selfridge
Rust Scallop Hem Shorts.

Miss. S has an abundance of shorts in this season which is perfect for the reincarnation of the little beauts. These are a great pick for the more civilized, subtle look. The colour is spot-on and the edging totally girly and carefree!

Miss. Selfridge
Black Culottes.

For the not-so brave we have this little pair! Still donning the shorts but with an added layer of chiffon over the top to cover ones modesty. These also come in a lighter blue shade, ideal for daytime and beachwear! Perfect with a heel or flat to go for a more boho chic look!

There is literally something for everyone...from the ones who want to bare all to the 'less is most definitely more' ladies. You wanna show some (fake-tanned) leg and make a statement this summer??! It's ALL about the shorts!!!!!

Who likes short shorts??! WE DO!!!Xxx