Wednesday, 7 March 2012

All Aboard...Louis Vuitton AW12...

And so the final day of Paris Fashion week went out with a bang, and there was most certainly alot of steam!!! In the show of all shows, more like a theatrical production, Marc Jacobs presented Louis Vuitton AW12 in all its exquisite grandeur.

Invites were sent telling all to be on time. As the guests took their seats they faced a runway that was half covered over with a black sheet! Adding much mystery and all for dramatic effect they were far from disappointed!!! Although i'm not sure the audience were quite prepared for what was about to happen...

As the show began the air was filled with what turned out to be a whole lot of steam and out came rolling an old-fashioned steam train with the words 'Louis Vuitton' visible to all!
The models made their way on to the 'platform' and so followed their rather dapper valets carrying bags, handbgas, hat boxes, all in varying tweeds and covered in jewels. Hats were as eccentric as the show itself with plumes of horse hair attached!

The collection itself lived up to the overall presentation. Stiff coats with jewelled buttons, A-line dresses worn over trousers, patchwork patterns aswell as patent leather! Lame was displayed on cashmere dresses in a glorious red and mustard. Metallic blue prints on blue and cream, lilac on glittering twin-sets for the overtly feminine. And there were embellishments in every colour of the spectrum!!!

The fabrics were to-die-for. Sumptuous velvets, leather, silk, applique satins in tan, nude, black, pink navy...oh the list is endless. The show was very much a celebration of fashion, it was a knock-out, a complete sell-out!!! It was as rich in detail as it was the colour palette. Every moment filled with magic. Beautifully constructed show with an elaborate portrayal of true fashion.

This is how it's done!!!

And Jacobs absolutely smashed it!!!Xxx

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