Monday, 5 March 2012

All The World's A Stage...Galliano AW12...

Galliano AW12. Indeed a name that has much speculation around it. Despite this past years indiscretions Bill Gaytten still delivered us the most exquisite of performances.

I say performances due to the fact that the catwalk was more like a theatrical show. Carrying on from the equestrian theme shown to us from Tisci's point of view, Gaytten offered a whole new perspective. The classic riding caot was transformed, with oversized bows and pleated detailing. Each model entered the stage with a bird hat on ones head. Some were nesting, some were mid-flight. An abundance of feathers nonetheless. Some models donned leather knickerbockers (fetsish??!) and Peter Pan collars certainly reigned supreme. There was a definite hint of the ornate about the show, but what more would you expect from a Galliano woman??!
There was a definite 1940's feel with pleated skirt dresses, filled edging, bias-cut evening wear from burnt't orange to teal! And slightly reminiscent of Givenchy is the faiytale edge, especially when one model came out wearing nothing but suspenders, a leotard and a red cape flowing behind her. Sexual take on the old tale perhaps??! Of course the dramatic effect was second to none, a perfect show from the house of Galliano.


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