Monday, 26 March 2012

The Bible...Take 3...

As if there weren't already too many fashion magazines to choose from in the shops these days, there is set to be yet another released. BUT this isn't one to miss out on. Despite the fact it will be produced biannually and will resemble more of a book than a glossy magazine (HEAVEN!) it is written by none other than Carine Roitfeld herself! I mean, does that get any better i hear you ask??! It most certainly doesn't!!!

The former French Vogue editor is all set to fly out to The Big Apple today to prepare for the launch in September! I'm thinking serious rivalry for the September issue of Vogue, only the biggest and best edition all year round!!! What i love even more is that even though Roitfeld's native language is French, the fashion darling is launching the first edition in English. I am totally reserving my copy and counting down the days on ye olde Calendar!

This woman could do no wrong in my eyes. If it's about fashion, i'm all over it! And i am NEVER one to turn down another bible ode to fashion!!!Xxx

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