Monday, 12 March 2012

Deyn N Marten 4eva...

Ever since i bought my flower power pair four whole years ago my love for Dr. Martens has only blossomed. These graced my feet for many a winter and remained the only shoe i could stand in any amount of snow in! Yes, i was the smug person walking tall whilst all you lot were falling around in your no-grip Uggs!!! Anyway, where was i??! Oh yes, so Dr. Martens, they have to be one of the most sought after shoe i have ever come across. There has to be a pair for everyone, seriously. Any pattern. Any colour. Any style. You simply must own a pair!!!!! Imagine my delight when i clicked on to my marvellous little email from Vogue to see that Aggy has teamed up with them to create a new collection. Yesssss!

Having previously been the face of the brand she has now gone one step further to ensure that everyone feels as super confident as she does in a pair (and this is no lie, i can fully vouch for this!!!) as for looking like her in them...well, this is a different matter altogether...

Serious trend alert!!!Xxx

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