Friday, 23 March 2012

Everything Changes...

I think there comes a time when you start to re-evaluate many aspects of your life. It's just a matter of course. Everything changes at one point or another, be it by your own making or by someone elses. Life is tedious and no one ever said that it was easy, in fact it's far from easy. Pretty bloody hard at times actually! But there is only one person in charge of the direction your life is to go...and that's you! Only you hold the reins on your destiny and only you can decide what you want out of life! Boredom always hits unfortunately, i think this is inevitable. You get in to routines, become complacent and don't venture out of certain boundaries. Only when you do break those boundaries do you realise that there is more to life, so many opportunities to take a chance on! And that's what life is, a risk alot of the time! Full of chances, of moments put there to see how you react, see if you will grab them and make the most of them! London for me was a complete adventure, one i had to grab with both hands and allow my whole life to be turned around. Not knowing what i was undertaking, how i would come out of the other side or what i would be at the end of it. But if you never try and push yourself you will never find out!
Sometimes you have to make the change to set your life rolling in the way you want. And this isn't just settling, it's approaching things differently and looking at things with a new set of eyes. There comes a time when you realise that you have no choice but to change things. Life is too short and boredom isn't a friend of mine! Whereas my love for fashion will never die and my blog will continue to be my diary of a serious fashionista, unfortuntely my passion for retail is slowly dying. A career change is imminent and my excitement is ever-growing. I am pretty sure it shall raise some eyebrows whereas all i will be raising is a glass. To new opportunuites, new horizons and new beginnings!!!Xxx