Thursday, 15 March 2012

Leather Forever...

The Hermes bag has to be one of the most sought after bags of the 21st Century, if not THE only bag to have! So imagine the delighted faces of many when an Hermes exhibition (for the 175th anniversary may i add!) was announced! Ahhh handbag heaven!!!

To be held in The Royal Academy of Arts, the exhibition entitled Leather Forever will feature some of the labels most famous designs! AND you even get to see some of the brands artisans creating the iconic bags infront of your very eyes! Could you actually ask for anything more??! No, i didn't think so!!!

Originally a saddle and harness-maker, Hermes fast became one of the most famous handbags on the market today. They have even made four unique versions standing for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. These are all set to be auctioned off with the proceeds going to the Royal Academy of Arts! So, if you're stuck for something to do on a rainy May day (notoriously so!) then get yourself down there. Free entry makes the option of saying 'no' very, very slim! May 8th-27th, you actually have no excuse!!!Xxx

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