Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Midweek Musings...

And so we near the end of another week. It seems that the weekends arrive earlier and earlier, perhaps they are in the same place and time is just flying by??! This seems a much more likely explanation. Yet another interview on the moro and alas i have stopped getting high hopes for the outcome of them as they all have the same response at the end. However, i shall not get de-motivated, i shall not falter at such a stage in my life, instead i shall just get out there and do what i do, be merry and socialise!!!!!

Yes this week has brought about a few occasions that have allowed me to do just this. Renewed friendships and long overdue catch-ups have been my calling. It's strange isn't it how you can not see someone for what seems like forever and the minute you get back together it's almost like you've never been apart. My small bezzie from way back when was reunited with myself this week and what a meeting of a kind that was...memories shared and plans to create more made for a joyous start to the week! I do find it rather strange as to how friendships with girls have to be so vastly different than relationships with boys. The former is just easy, simple, an understanding, a union of sorts. The latter just tends to be full of confusion. But maybe that's just me??!

Renewed friendships are exciting. The laughter, the thrill of all the things you have done and must tell them about. It's almost like the beginnings of that long-awaited love affair or romance...only without the awkwardness, the game playing, the sexual tension. To come back from what seemed like an eternity away and enter back into something that was most definitely classed as 'the forbidden' can be quite scary and daunting. Yes sure you have changed and lived a different life but so too have they and all of a sudden you have to fit into their lives as much as they have to fit into yours. But if it's mean't to be then like a jigsaw, it ever so simply will be! As my mum likes to tell me time and time again, life is as easy or as hard as you make it. Sometimes you have to go out there and make your own beginnings, it's pointless sitting around and waiting for someone else to do it. Grab life with both hands, 'cos you only get one and you never know when it might end. No it's not morbid, it's the God's honest truth. Life is far too short and some people need to realise this. You only get one life, and this ain't no dress rehearsal!!!

So on that note i will bid you all a good night!! Here's to the weekend ahead, the dreaded interview and my next three nights of fun and frivolities!!!Xxx

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