Sunday, 25 March 2012


If like me you love to change your nail colour more than...oh, let's say...your hair colour (i am obsessed with both!) then here are the latest looks to go for!! Some for the less adventurous and a whole boat load for the artists amongst us...

Uber-chic and subtle beige but with a cheeky burgundy tip! All in the style of our favourite New Yorker, Donna Karan.

Go houndstooth crazy like the tres-whacky guys at House of Holland!!!

Olive green in the perfect military style over at Christian Dior!

MY all-time, absolute, numero uno fave!!! I try and opt for different colours but i am always drawn back to this bright blue. Very Erdem-esque ♥

Probably not ideal adornments for date night but AMAZING all the same! Typical Mugler i'd say! A definite look for Lady Gaga!!!

Stir things up with some Meadham Kirchoff Nail Rock. No drying time. No smudging. Stick-on. File down. Go. Perfect. ♥

Or play it safe with the all subtle greys and nudes, just like Chanel. Perfectly manicured. Perfectly chic.

So many choices and so few days in a week. I would heavily suggest investing in a vat of nail varnish're gonna need it!!!Xxx

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