Monday, 5 March 2012

Stack 'Em High...

Now i have always been a massive fan of jewellery. And not just any jewellery but completely oversized and in abundance!! Yesssss!!!!! A few years ago i probably would have rattled had you have shaken me. My wrists were stacked high with bracelets of any kind, a ring on at least two fingers on each hand and the token hoops in the ears! I have since toned down and rarely wear rings (only to cover up a tattoo on one of my fingers!) but am still ridiculously in love with the stacked wrists (and the Pat Butcher style earrings!!!)

Whether you are into the boho chic, the irresistable rock grunge or the more is more effect, then there are so many ways to go about it. One things for sure though, you most definitely have to mingle in a watch, this isn't optional it's a MUST!!!!! The only way to do it!!!

The chunkier, the bolder the better. The more you get, the more the statement you make!

A trend i will be definitely upholding! Add a token clutch and some brights (obvs!) and you are totally there!!!Xxx

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