Sunday, 25 March 2012

Stella X Adidas...

And so it has been revealed. The official Olympics 2012 kit. A collaboration between sporting giant, Adidas and top fashion designer Stella McCartney...

This will be the chosen outfit worn by UK Olympic as well as Paralympic athletes from July 27th until the close of the Games on Augut 12th. In previous years there has been a lot more red in the colouring, however this year McCartney has opted for blue with red only on the collar. having had no experience to date designing for men, this was her first time. Therefore, the designs were made by keeping in mind the individuality of the female as well as the male athletes of the team.

Shanaze Reade, who is the BMX cyclist, praised the Team GB kit in the following manner while talking to BBC Sport, 'Today is the first time we got the kit and it is fabulous in every single sport and we all love it. Instead of having generic sport kit that looks the same as everybody else, we wanted something that stood out, is performance-enhancing and has us being a part of it. Stella McCartney sat down with us and asked us what we wanted and we achieved that.'

Roll on July!!! I'm not remotely sporty in any way, but there is something very patriotic about them being held in God's own! (And i can get even more excited about them due to me not living in London anymore and having my tubes disrupted daily!!! Ahhh bliss)!!!Xxx

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