Monday, 5 March 2012

Team Stella, Team GB...

Stella McCartney. Daughter of a celebrity couple. Mother of four. Head of her own label. Creative Director of Adidas' Team GB Collection. Yet she still has time to put together her best ever runway show for her ready-to-wear AW12 line.

Keeping up with the trends of the season her collection was a-wash with electric blue and pink. Elegant yet sporty, with a hint of the American style thrown in. Flippy little dresses adorned the models along with varsity bomber jackets (all over the high-street at the mo!) Stella brought us skater dresses done in tweed, perfecting yet again that balance between the smart and the sporty.

Electric blue mascara streaked the models hair and then out came Karlie Kloss!!!!! Epitomising the Stella super strong woman. Blue skirt teamed with crisp shirt. Streamlined silhouette. Perfect.

There were trousers with baggy crotches and there were skinnies that were long, lean and tight. The perfect mix of feminie yet modern.

And Stella does us proud once more!!!Xxx

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