Sunday, 4 March 2012

Who The 'Hack' Are You...

Ahhh Paris Fashion Week!! One day all my birthdays, Christmas's, Easters, Bar Mitzvah's (blah, blah, blah) will all come at once. I will be known internationally as 'Lucy Adams. Blogger and Celebrity Stylist' dressed head-to-toe in Celine and head of the Fashion brat-pack, and i will be tweeting from Paris FROW!!! But until then i shall remain 'Lucy Adams. London/Leeds liver. Blogger and retail worker'...i'll get there. Eventually. There is just something about Paris. The romance??! That air of elegance people seem to immediately adopt? The men? The women? The fabulousness of the architecture??! Yes, i think it's all of those things. It seems obvious just by looking at simple photos as to why its classed as one of the ultimate fashion hotspots. Carine Roitfeld. Need i say more??!

Anyway, i am digressing once more. So. PFW. Well underway with the name on everyones lips being??! Haider Ackermann of course. His Fall 2012 collection is simply To. Die. For. Honestly. I know that i can throw those words around rather jubilantly these days but i lie not! Never!

So much hype surrounding this show. Dramatic. Flamboyant. Ravishing. Elegant. Beautiful.

His Autumn muse is that of ultimate femininity. With copper in the hair and burnt orange high-waisted pants, there is not a hint of the masculine throughout. Draped blouses and stalk-slim dresses with leather cummerbunds create the most exquisite hour-glass figure. Nicely balanced are the rounded-shouldered jackets, elaborate peplum detail, bustle effects and origami fabric folds. Or should we say origami/ vampire shaped folds??!
High-collars, gauntlet cuffs, there is definitely an Asian flavour to the collection. Also mixed in with rough-textured leather for that cutting-edge feel.
The colour palette is most sensual. Mustards, orange, paprika satins, berry-brown wool, smokey-greys, chestnut, oh it's all there for that pure Autumunal wardrobe!

A display of opulence, romance and grandeur.

Haider Ackermann. RTW. Fall 2012.

I salute you!!!Xxx

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