Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Handbag Heaven...

How on earth is one mean't to choose a bag these days??! It's not as though there are only a few to pick from...more like an entire collection. Do you choose wisely and be practical? Or do you throw caution to the wind, to hell with it and go for the 'It' bag??! Knowing me i think i may go for the latter. The only problem is there seems to be two of these!! I love the look of both on my arm and i would wear either with ANYTHING!! I know no boundaries! So, here goes...

Balenciaga. Atlantique City.
Love the colour, the size, the shape, the studs (back to BIG!!! Yesss!) ♥

And then we have the mother of all bags...

Celine. ♥ ♥ ♥

I believe i may have just answered my own question here! There's no competition really??! Celine is the saviour of the fashion world. Phoebe Philo IS a goddess!

Tres excited!!!Xxx

Friday, 20 April 2012


So, just out and about hanging around town and was lucky enough to get snapped for a Styling website! Normally i don't photograph well, nor do i like the whole posing thing! Especially in the middle of the street! However, this time i threw caution to the wind and let them snap away!!!
Titled 'Everything'...i did me proud!!!Xxx

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Exclusive Glamour Collection...

12th April. The day the Exclusive Glamour Collection landed in my favourite high-street hit, H&M!!! Absolutely amazing take-offs of red carpet style dresses. This collection comes as sister to the eco-friendly 'Conscious line. Due to the fabrics used being mainly organic cotton, hemp and silk (perfect!) along with recycled polyester! The line has already been worn by Michelle Williams and Viola Davis and Amanda Seyfried...
The style varies form a floor-length ruffled gown to a lime green skater style dress! But i think this is what makes H&M so popular and accessible. There is always something for anyone of any age or size. They never stick with one look and instead produce a whole host of items in each collection. Their boutique lines are simply amazing and the prices always pleasing. This particular collection ranges from a mere £19.99 to £199. Any budget welcome!
For me H&M never disappoints and they certainly haven't this time around! From work attire to that wedding day or night, the dresses are chic, stylish, wearable and perfectly eco-friendly! The one destination you simply have to hit when striding down the high-street. And here is just one more reason why!!!Xxx

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

House Of Armani...

So no sooner is one rumour resolved than another one is running wild. However, i am lead to believe that this one may have begun circling about a year ago! Over at the rumour mill (also known as Twitter...) word on the street had it that Pilati was all set to leave the house of YSL with Hedi Slimane set to fill his shoes!!! Low and behold one WHOLE year on Pilati has gone and Slimane is...yep, you got it, holding the helm at the French house...! There really was no way out of the gossip for Stefano Pilati!!!
Over on the other side of town Giorgio Armani is reaching the grand old age of 77 and is all set to retire and sell his company! You put two and two together yet??! Well, before you do that i will just add that Narciso Rodriguez has also been linked with the label. Who will win??! Nobody knows??! Let's just hope it's not another year of waiting!!!Xxx

Del Rey Doing It For The Mulberry...

Mulberry do like to celebrate the leading (newby) ladies of fashion and they have only gone and done it again haven't they??! The 'Del Rey' Mulberry became exclusive to three stores in London, New York and Singapore yesterday! Currently only available in black and deer brown, i am already excited for the release of the remaining colours in May! Hurry, hurry!!!
Mulberry wanted to create a bag that reflected Lana's style and undeniable beauty! It is simple and structured and nicely relevant for now. They do like to leave them unrecognisably Mulberry of course and so have left the classic postman's lock on the front of it. Still as classic as the originals, chic and utterly practical for any age and any style!!!Xxx

CR Fashion Book...

Carine Roitfeld might just be my most favourite person in fashion...maybe on a par with Dello Russo...i can't possibly decide! You may remember a few weeks back i reported on Roitfeld's own magazine to be published??! Well, in case you missed that one, then fear not as we have more details here!!! To be named CR Fashion Book (in relation to her own initials...) it is all set to be "a celebration of fashion creativity!" She intends to bring in well-known fashion names and new talent! Always a winner!!! Roitfeld isn't wanting to be in competition with any other fashion magazine of the moment! Which to be fair there are so many on the market and so many are established, well-respected and have been around for years, you couldn't possibly try and compete with the likes of Vogue. It genuinely is so many people's bible!!! She wants it to be something different which is why it shall only be published quarterly and focussing on art, culture and fashion! It will retail at £6 (I would totally spend that!) and out of the 50,000 copies to be produced, half of these will be issued in Europe with the rest in the US and Asia! An online presence is also ALWAYS welcome, i spend half of my life online! I shall most definitely be the first in the queue to order this!
Subscription please!!!Xxx

For Queen. For Country...For Harvey Nichols And Harrods...

In the countdown to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, two of London's top department stores have joined in with the festivities. Good old Harvey Nichols has dressed it's eyes to the public in the style of fifties sweet shops, fishmongers and even a lingerie shop aptly named Harvey Nickers! Very clever!!! They particularly wanted to draw in the SS12 trends with the pastel shades, sugary feel, lace, pinks, pretty florals, girly and feminie! Every section has it's own feel and has nicely brought the whole season together!!!
Harrods however, have bravely left their window up to one lucky member of the public! Yes, yes you can enter the competition yourself by creating a moodboard and posting on the social networking sight Pinterest!!! Something i definitely need to have a go at! If you are the winner your design will appear in the windows of the Brompton Road store next month! All budding artists, merchandisers, fashion lovers everywhere what are you waiting for ??! This could be start of something amazing!!!Xxx

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Simons For Dior...

And so after almost a year of speculation and rumours it has been announced who shall take the helm over at the house of Dior. Massive round of applause to Raf Simons! After leaving Jil Sander back in February, Simons has since taken on role of artisitc director for Christian Dior. Filling the shoes of John Galliano, his first collection will be shown during Couture week in July!! Never a dull moment in the world of fashion!!
Simons recently told Vogue, "Mr Christian Dior has always been for me the most inspiring couturier. Around the globe, the name Dior symbolises the ultimate in elegance and refinement. I am truly humbled and honoured to become artistic director of the most celebrated French house in the world." Simons will only be the sixth designer to be the head of this established brand, following in the footsteps of other greats, YSL and Gianfranco Ferre to name just a few! Simons wishes to bring his own point of view to the label, bringing in to the modern day but also with hints of the past, referring to this as 'mid-century modernism.' He has a particular love for the years spanning 1947-57, highly romantic and feminine, but at the same time constant changes in shape and proportions in all aspects of life. I think this is most definitely the start of a new era for Dior! Be prepared for it's re-emergence into the fast-moving and ever-growing 21st century!!!Xxx

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Celebrate Good Times...

And so after a week of visits and good news, in fact excellent news, a weekend of celebrations is in order! Back in the day it would have mean't a shopping trip and copious amounts of alcohol, these days it's walking to excess and lots and lots of lemonade! The hypercactivity remains and the dancing is second to none. Approaching 30 has calmed me down and i no longer envy the groups of 21 year olds pouring shot after shot down their throats! Ahh the joys of growing up! So with lots to get on with, in particular catch up, i must bid you all a farewell for a few days and wish you all a lovely Easter and a most fabulous weekend!!!Xxx

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

'& Other Stories'...

Whether one has heard the rumours or not i feel that i must report on this anyway! H&M became my shoppers paradise back in 1996, there wasn't even one anywhere near me at this time. It was whilst on a school trip to Germany that i came across it and have been slighty obsessed with the place ever since! Years down the line and it just keeps on going from strength to strength. Collaborations with the likes of Madonna, Lagerfeld, McCartney, theres is nothing they have't done!!! And even now there is talk of a luxury label descending from the H&M dynasty. Press Offiver Hacan Andersson confirmed to French news agency Relaxnews that the brand will be named '& Other Stories'. Set at a higher price point, this new collection or even chain (set to be released in 2013 if the rumours are true!) will be somewhat of an 'Exclusive Glamour Conscious Collection!' Just marvellous!

Watch this space!!!Xxx

Style Bible...

Now if you're nothing like me and you don't receive daily emails from all the fashion webites then you seriously don't know what you're missing out on!!! Honeslty. I jest not! is most probably may fave, but sshhhh don't tell the others as i do have a soft spot for Topshop also. Especially todays which nicely lead me to their SS12 magazine! Like fashion heaven i can tell you! And if you place an order online you receive a free copy! What more can you ask for??!

Here's just a little snippet of what you can expect from our high-street hottie...

Shoes, shorts, denim, Summer's hottest looks, a bit of street style (yesss! My fave!) to get your brain thinking summer fun! Style notes from those in the know, oh and so much more. Well worth treating yourself just to be rewarded with yet another magazine on the hottest obsession to date...


Damien Hirst...

Stuck in London and wondering what to do next??! This is criminal in itself, not only are you in the capital anyway but there should never be a moment that you are stuck for something to do in this amazing city. I am more than certain that the majority of you will be familiar with the fabulous Southbank. The best place to head for if you are ever at a loose end, come rain or shine this place is always bustling!!! And of course it houses the ultimate in art museums, The Tate Modern. Yesss! Prior to my move South i had only ever visited the Tate at Albert Dock, Liverpool! Not particularly bowled over by the experience i was unsure about visiting the capitals, however, i ventured and i was hooked!!!

And if you haven't been yet, then this is why you should...

One of the most influential artists of his generation. Damien Hirst. As powerful and thought-provoking now as his first emergence way back in 1988. This latest exhibition brings together Hirst's work from over the past twenty years. See his Natural History exhibit which shows a shark suspended in formaldehyde. In & Out Of Love, a two-part installation that hasn't been fully shown since 1990. Full of iconic sculptures, seminal paintings and his 1992 Pharmacy, there are more than a few highlights that make this a MUST-SEE!!!

Whether you're an avid art fanatic or not this will definitely not diappoint. Running from April 4th-Septhember 9th making it perfect for the Summer holiday trips, it is priced at £15.50. May seem slightly steep but this is one of those 'once in a blue moon' type exhibitions. One not to be missed. And i have my very own southern beaut Dan waiting in Le Capitale to go and see it with! Ahhh perfect!!!

Don't. Miss. Out. Whatever you do!!!Xxx

Summer, Summer, Summertime...

I said i would be back and i am NEVER one to disappoint! HERE I AM and right back to it!

So, last week we were basking in the glorious English sunshine, sipping wine on the veranda, dining out on balconies and laying out in parks. BBQ's were...most probably burning and festivities of Summer were fuelling much laughter and fun. And now here we are, a week later, building snowmen and scraping cars!!! To be perfectly honest this doesn't shock me, "Summer" normally brings a mixture of weather our way anyway so the best thing to do is to make the most of it while it's here...and try to avoid the horrid flu inbetween times! Or if you're me, you totally escape this rapidly changing sun/snow and head for sunnier climes. And with less than a week to go i clearly have no time to waste!

A rather stunning collection of bikinis from H&M. Amazing look at such an amazing price. With the tops ranging from £9.99 to £12.99 and bottoms at just £7.99, who cares if they end up in the bottom of your wardrobe upon your return. Flattering colours and flattering shapes, the moulded top is definitely the way forward! Keep it respectful ladies ♥

Limited Edition Maxi Dress, Primark.
Ideal for throwing on over a bikini or teamed with wedges for the night, the thigh length split makes this totally do-able!. H&M also have an identical one available in cobalt blue and black! All three please!!!

Miss KG Madison, £25.
Remember when you were a kid by the seaside and you HAD to have a pair of jelly sandals EVERY year??! Maybe that was just me! Well these are exactly the same. Sooo comfortable to walk in! They do come in other colours if you're not a massive fan of cerise pink (who isn't??!) and the diamante effect is just uber-pretty for the night! If you were hoping to get more for your money then take a little trip to Primark! WOWWW! They have such a huge selection of these, ones with bows, charms, black, navy! Oooh it's like sandal paradise AND they're only £4. AMAZE! ♥

MOTO High Waist Denim Hotpants, £32.
Who doesn't like a pair of denim cut-offs on holiday! I practically live in mine!!! So many available at the moment. I am a massive fan of my vintage Levi's, so check out Blue Rinse on ASOS or visit their long-standing shop in Leeds! Vintage heaven!!!

My dress of the moment! (Or at least a take on it!) Mine has cut out sides just revealing a respectful amount of flesh! Ideal for Bank Holiday Sunday drinks and perfect for those Summer nights strolling along the beach! River Island sale IS the place to be at the moment!! This little beauty was £35 NOW £15. You have no reason not to buy it at those prices ♥

Bold Stripe Maxi Dress, £14.
George at Asda really does have some finds! Perfct colour, perfect length, perfect price. There are no other words!!!

Another Asda bargain, £8 for the frilly top and £4 for the bottoms! LOVES!!!

And finally, i have to leave with a bit of floral! H&M really are doing us proud this season with the amount of florals they are producing. I just can't get enough!!! And at £14.99 it will become one of those staple pieces of Summer. Work or play it's just sunshine perfection!

Well there you have it! Days without a computer resulting in a mammoth post of new finds and must-haves. Let's hope the sun comes back out to play and these latest buys aren't only worn for our weeks holidaying in another country! Stay strong England, let us show off our tans upon our return!!!


Excited ♥ ♥ ♥ Xxx

Sunday, 1 April 2012

I'll Be Back...Round Two...

A few short days without a computer and I feel like I have lost my right arm! A mere glimpse at via emails has left me with so much to say and no space to say it! Imagine how this feels for me!!! No Spotify, no one point this would have mean't no contact with the outside world! However, three nights out in a row-driving not drinking-dancing until 3am has left me positively glowing! Not to mention my shock proposition 'All I need is a yes and for you to show up at the airport!' Excitement overload! This most definitely calls for a shopping trip and new bikinis and plenty of blogposts on what to grab in the shops!

Hope you have all had an equally amazing weekend!!!Xxx